Can you really barter with the Universe?

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As a child you would pray or promise (or both) to your folks that you would be really really really good and tidy your room and do your homework and help with the dishes and not fight with your younger brother if they just get you that latest thing you wanted.

For years all I wanted was a typewriter and I remember when I got one,,,it was bliss and of course I broke every promise I made to my parents … and I pretty sure I am not alone…!

Everyone has bartered.

And…how much do you barter with the Universe?

How much do you say if you get me a client or fill my workshop then I will know I am supposed to do X, Y and Z and maybe A,B & C…. & of course you promise you will!

It’s bordering on emotional blackmail…yikes that was a bit of a tell it how it is truth!!!

And then of course your promise breaks, I mean the Universe doesn’t phone you up to ask for a refund and anyway you tell yourself the universe didn’t deliver, you made it all happen anyway and other wondrous stories that keep you testing everything, (code for yourself!).

You can’t barter with the Universe…it doesn’t even have a favourite cake you can bake! 

It’s super counter-intuitive as that isn’t how intuition operates and, at the same time, it is totally anti-manifestation.

I know from personal experience these aren’t easy patterns to admit to or to address. If you aren’t willing to acknowledge that they exist how can you address it…that old cliche admitting that you have a problem is the first step to resolving it!

And still I know more than 90% of people do it. Even as a passing fleeting thought – that says I will do that, go there, buy that if I get that job, pay rise that etc… and before you try and say it is an incentive, know this, it is totally different to an incentive!!!

And just like I did as a kid, whatever you say you will do if you get what you are ‘demanding’ as proof, is easily broken and forgotten about.

It’s a self-made trap and you don’t have to trap yourself that way as when you do, you get stuck on a merry-go-round of struggle & frustration.

Spirit have shown me where I have done this, so I speak from personal experience and it usually happens when my intuition has guided me to something that involves growth. A few years ago I felt an intuitive YES to join a Soul Centered Astrology Course. So I said YES and that was it. The course was soon to start and I hadn’t paid because I was without ‘speaking’ in barter mode. Holding a stand-off pose with Spirit & my Soul & the Universe…I was saying without words go on, prove I am supposed to be, no meant to be doing this by giving me the money to do it.

This is making giggle; as an intuitive, I was saying my intuition guidance for myself wasn’t enough…that is one way to shut down Spirit tell them you don’t want to believe them and that they might not be real. They don’t interfere, they stand in their light doing their thing and as I was obviously at that point saying what my head and emotions wanted I had drowned out Spirit. I was bartering and wanted the money first before I sign up and that was more relevant than Spiritual Guidance….and this from me who had spent her life pursuing spiritual growth.

About 4 days before the programme was about to start, I just paid for it without thinking (that is KEY!). And then that same day I got a new coaching client, someone who I had no prior conversations with or even knew.

Now it isn’t always like that, that once you pay you get a new client or contract or influx of money however Spirit reminded me the other day that you will be given all you need for your journey unless you have made it a condition (the barter) which says I will do this Spirit so now you have to take care of me exactly as I say and make sure I get all that I want. That as Spirit told me is never granted.

Spiritual maturity is about following your intuition despite what the head and emotions are saying and certainly not bartering. Bartering is a waste of time.

Of course you can say no to your intuition, and a no is a no, however the barter as Spirit taught me isn’t helping yourself. And I would add to that, saying no to your intuition, shutting it down, as in not taking the action it is guiding you to take, isn’t Spiritual growth.

In the end it has to be a case of is this all a game or am I really doing this.

Over to you…

I know what I choose. What about you?

What do you choose? 

Sarupa Shah

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