Creating a business based on your Soul Purpose and one that enables you to serve, grow spiritually and receive your true abundance, is 100% achievable and I am going to show you how...

  • My name is Sarupa Shah, I am known as The Soul Agent. I take people on an adventure to their greatness, to their inner wisdom, to that place of certainty and alignment with all things. I show people how to make money, how to be visible, how to make changes that they thought they would have to wait for and maybe never's about adventure, exploration and living the dream without sacrifice, with huge success and in a way that makes you know, you are significant, you have a purpose and you don't have to waft a joss stick unless you want to. This is spiritual growth without prejudice or putting you in a box. This is you, being the best of you, without feeling you have become someone you don't recognise or give up parts of yourself!

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How Working With Sarupa will change your Heart Centered Business & Life:

Soul Purpose Retreat

If you don’t want your ideas & wishes of changing the world to just ‘become background noise’ andinstead want to start getting SOUL-led results that DO change your life and the world; yes you can awaken people and contribute to planetary change and all those doubts about whether it is possible will (& easily do) dissolve and you will stand in awe of how easily you have started to achieve, create & contribute….then just take a few moments to consider this invitation.

Sarah Arrow, Sark e-Media

Working with Sarupa is a transformative experience. She really walks the walk when it comes to spiritual mentorship and authenticity. I highly recommend booking her to speak at your event and for one to one coaching

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Petra, Entrepreneur

'In only a month of working with Sarupa I can already see my business shifting into a new gear. I am very introspective and believe I know myself very well, so I wasn't expecting such BIG revelations when we started working together. I was ready to be coached and guided - but she has exceeded all my expectations and managed to discover and uncover a completely new layer of me - that I wasn't aware of at all! That has given me amazing insight into not only my business but my life in general. I am much more clear now about the direction I need to take my business to, and a lot more confident that I am doing the right thing. Maybe the biggest benefit so far has been the fact that Sarupa has made me aware of the tremendous value I am delivering to my clients, which has immediately created an energy shift - and in a matter of weeks I've seen a significant increase in client inquires and sign-ups. Working with Sarupa has been both deeply spiritual as well as extremely practical and action-orientated. She's a great at what she does and delivers amazing value!'