How do I know my affirmations are the right ones? [video]

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Affirmations are one of my most favourite spiritual magic making tools. In fact I believe they are like magic wands. Over the years people one of the most frequently asked questions around affirmations is:  how do I know my affirmations are the right ones?

Creating affirmations is one of the most joyous experiences and then using them of course.

Yet if you aren’t sure about how to create them I can see why it becomes something that falls off the to-do-list!

In this short training video, and it is also linked to, am I using the right words, am I saying them right and so on.

When you have these type of questions, even with the best will in the world, I would put money on the fact that as you using your affirmations you are in your mind questions, doubting and full of uncertainty and wondering, are these the right ones? And of course this doubt makes you wonder whether what you are really saying is possible and whether affirmations really work and the cycle of disconnect with affirmations begins…!

In fact, I would be a very rich woman if I had a penny for every time someone said, oh I forgot about my affirmations, I did use them for a few days and nothing, wasn’t sure so I just forgot again…!

Affirming what you want is about opening paths and aligning your energy into something positive, and potential creating.

It enables you to be powerful and a master creator rather than things occurring on a default setting that you tell yourself you have no means to change.

Affirmations are tools that help you attract, so work with the law of attraction, and manifest too. It is all after all connected!

If you aren’t using affirmations and want to, or have given up because you weren’t sure really how to do it then watch this video. It is just under 2 mins long and let this be the start of your journey to the powerful you!

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Creating affirmations…are you ready to learn a bit more?

Press play now!

Sarupa Shah

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