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Do you love the ritual of creating vision boards? Most conscious and heart centred business owners see it as an essential part of their ritual and as the end of year approaches it won’t be long before the card is purchased and the magazines collected!

Vision boards are made of dreams and desires. Seen as an integral tool to the manifestation process by some, created religiously by many, but do they really work?

Like many spiritual practices and rituals, vision boards can sometimes create the opposite outcome for you or be nothing but a piece of card with pleasing images and maybe words and glitter stuck to it!  In short YES! But…

It’s what I call the emperor with no clothes on syndrome!

No-one likes to talk about something not working and while we don’t focus on the negative how can you learn and grow if you bury your head in the sand and keep taking action that is not giving you any results? A statement that you perhaps would rather not make to the universe if you really thought about it, don’t you think?

Personally, I love vision boards, I find them an incredibly powerful tool, but I hear over and over again from people how they haven’t worked for them. Although most people gloss over this and just create another one to gather dust during the year…!

In this article I want to expose the Vision Board myths and realities to you!

Since I was a young girl, long before I knew about the practice of vision boards, I would spend hours with the Argos catalogue. (For all you non-UK folk that is simply a name of shop that had the best catalogue when I was young and the pages of toys were heaven for me!)

I would circle and cut out pictures of the toys I wanted. My mum would simply say yes to everything but in truth she was amusing me, a great parent rouse!

I was obviously tuning into the technique of the creating vision boards but getting the process muddled with a focus on ‘stuff,’ but I was a little girl learning!

Later in life I learned about vision boards as a spiritual manifestation practice. My first ‘grown up go’ taking place in San Luis Obispo, California (see picture above). I felt self-conscious and creative at the same time and it stirred up memories of my childhood and making collages but instinctively I knew it would work. I knew there was power in it. But it was more than just sticking stuff to paper, it was about creating a powerful representation of the vision I had for my life at that time.

As the years went on I would make a vision board for all sorts of different reasons, for a healthier body, to find a man, to expand my business and so on. They started to gather dust very quickly. More than anything they reminded me of what I wasn’t and what I didn’t have. I had this compulsion to create them because I wanted to; in fact I was desperate to transform my life and wanted the quick option and wanted to follow the spiritual guide book on how to manifest. Sadly however I had started to work from lack and fear and lost the connection to the power of the vision board and slipped back into the childhood version of what I want because I don’t have!

When you come from lack, the ‘I haven’t got’ or the ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I don’t have enough’, no amount of sticking pretty things on sugar paper or card is going to override that lack energy.

This is why vision boards can be bad for you; they can and more often than not, do reflect and represent the unresolved lack energy that you carry within you.

Reminding yourself even unconsciously that you do not have that mansion by the beach, the latest Chanel Handbag and Boots, or the latest Bugatti Veyron (a fast car for those who don’t know) you are feeding the energy of not being enough, or having enough. Lack will attract lack! And of course when the focus is solely on ‘stuff’ you are creating a separation from spirit which makes a spiritual tool and ritual less effective as the value is placed on matter instead of spirit.

I am not saying ‘stuff’ is bad!

Of course ambition and commitment to transformation is certainly a good thing but it is all about the intent and intention. My advice for vision boards is about how they make you feel and not to serve as a board of ‘stuff you want because you don’t have it.’  It’s an subtle yes really important energy thing.

Don’t remind yourself of what you lack, remind yourself of the expansion from the perfect place you are standing in already. That small shift will make your vision board very good for you and make your visioning process far more powerful!

Share with me your vision board story and dillemas and let’s get this powerful and ancient spiritual manifesting tool to help you create your business dreams for real!


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