Is planning a dirty word…?

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Heart centred, conscious, healer types have a funny relationship with planning. Over and over I hear planning is last paradigm, it’s not feminine or it stops me being in flow…! I even had a coach who whose way was to coach you so you were always on the edge of your seat, any mention of what you wanted to do next was met with a frown and lecture on that is not how to make money. Suffice to say I kicked that coach to touch as who wants to permanently live working out how they are going to survive?

Surviving or figuring out how to survive is old paradigm. In fact it is the illusionary way of living because in our abundant universe the real truth to living is thriving not surviving…and if you want to thrive get yourself a plan!!!

Why is ‘planning’ is a dirty word?

Whenever I hear someone rave about the woes of planning it always makes me wonder what are they afraid of?

Woe Reason #1

Fear of failure

Failure is a judgment not a fact and avoiding planning doesn’t make sense or address the issue of self-judgment!If we truly valued ourselves then we would not see things that did not work out the way we were expecting, wishing or hoping (such ephemeral sentiments when you think about them) as failure. Instead they would be opportunities to learn, grow and be more, rather than stick the ethereal boot into our own back.

Having a plan can feel like you are setting yourself up to fail, how will you deliver, how will you succeed? But you know as well as I do that kind of thinking will attract that kind of reality. A plan is a healthy and wealth conscious way of knowing the direction of your life and business and it isn’t written in stone!

Woe Reason #2

Don’t understand the manifestation process
If we want to manifest something there is a process to follow, however if we follow this process (or not as it is for most people) because we are constantly on the edge of our seat, fingers crossed, panicking about what do next and coming up with some idea that seems like it could work, we are more often than not coming from a poverty and lack consciousness.  Having a plan whether it is in response to something or for your business allows your emotional body to feel safe and work in alignment with you rather than trying to be the voice of fear as it often becomes.

Woe Reason #3

Don’t think planning is spiritual

Let’s not forget the master of all plans is the Divine Plan and I always think if it is good enough for the universe/God, then it is good enough for me! Also everything is spiritual. Unspiritual is a man-made word that doesn’t actually mean anything!

And the Divine Plan isn’t return in stone but what it gives is the parameters, the guiding points and the clarity around experience and at an individual level when we have a plan that is what we are doing too. Without a plan the saying ‘going with the flow’ doesn’t carry much weight as what flow are you going with exactly…? With a plan the flow has a focus!

Benefits of planning:

  • A manifestation and attraction tool and ritual
  • Helps break patterns that are not serving you
  • Let’s your soul, spirit and the universe know (a)what you are working on (b) what you are understanding about who you are and (c) your commitment to purpose and growth
  • It makes us feel safe and gives focus, clarity and intention
  • It’s fun!
Are you ready to create your life and business plan for 2012 and beyond?

In my next article I am going to share with you my planning process that I am using to create my life and business plan for 2012. Look out for step one in the next article and make sure you have your journal handy!

For now my suggestion to you is start to change how you look at planning; it isn’t old paradigm or anti-divine feminine! It is the tool for a new wealthy and effortless flow in 2012.

Remember planning is new paradigm and very divine!


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