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See what I did with the title there? Self-Love is an inside job…isn’t it?

Let’s start at the beginning. Self-love is not self-care.

Self-care is about taking care of yourself, I get that however that isn’t anything to do with self-love necessarily and certainly not energetically the same.self love

Having a massage. A spa day and such stuff which is often synonymous with self-care is great however the energy of self-love isn’t a prerequisite for self-care.

Great we got that bit cleared up as now we can come to the spiritual angle of self-love.

This means we have to clear up a second illusion. The spirituality of love is beyond the emotion of love. Or the thought of love. We are talking spiritual quality not a personality thing, or romantic type of love.

What is self love?

Self-love as a spiritual quality is an essential journey for everyone to make. And yet it is a hard journey to understand. Ask a room full of people if they love themselves, most would say yes, some with a ‘but’ attached to that yes and a small minority would say no. None of them would be telling the whole truth, because for most they just cannot comprehend what self-love means beyond the limitations of self-care.

Love as a spiritual quality is about kindness, compassion. It doesn’t include sacrifice, rescue, believing in yourself as a victim, a fraud, or criticising self, or having an overload of pride, and desire to be seen as the best, criticising others, – these are personality patterns which dim your light and show an absence of love. When your self-love is strong and on the increase, your joy isn’t dependent on external situations or others. The call that never came won’t stop you in your tracks and cause you to doubt what you did wrong and why you aren’t lovable, because self-love enables you to understand that you are lovable, and yet it doesn’t make you hard and tough nosed. Though you will have boundaries. You will speak your truth without harm. You will not care to convert others, just share you and empower others to find their own truth even if it is polar opposite to yours.

You will not put others down as you will not put yourself down. With self-love comes the expression of tolerance, acceptance and a bucket load of trust in you and your journey.

Self-love is a way of being. It is not feeling or thought. And when you take small steps to self-love you open the door for that to be reflected back to you in abundance in all areas of life. You invite more love to come to you and given money is the energy of love manifest into matter, self-love is a key piece of the jigsaw of your abundance story.

This is why the confusion of self-care and the declaration of having a massage isn’t the same, while it may be a step to giving to self, it is about a state of being, which is what self-love is. A different vibration all together. And a journey we must want to embrace without trying to prove or justify its presence in our life because that just proves it isn’t there.

What do you think? Are you more self-care than self-love? Do you know what self-love would be like for you and what small steps you could take to move towards loving you more? Why not share in comments and do share this post too.

Sarupa Shah



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