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After the excitement and rush of deciding to ‘GO’ for something and being determined it’s your sure-fire manifesting ‘gig’, there is nothing worse than that feeling when nothing happens AKA manifests!

The workshop didn’t fill, the free webinar didn’t get any YESes to your ‘upsell’ but hey you did write down that you wanted 10 people to say YES to your paid for programme, even though only 7 signed up for the free webinar, that’s not the point as miracles, magic and unicorns do exist somewhere and anyway … for the love of mermaids and crystals it was supposed to be the time you manifested that dreamy easy effortless business, right?

Or maybe only bits manifested, not the whole thing you had decided to ‘GO’ for and it disheartens you even though you don’t want to share that or admit to yourself or anyone or let alone deal with it.

There’s that fear that if you do look into to what occurred too deeply you will find your worst fears true. The universe doesn’t like you and you really are a bad person and have been for several lives and that thing you did the other day while driving and swearing at the person going too slow is just a demonstration of how not spiritual you are and it’s not a wonder you can’t manifest or the universe won’t give you what you want because you aren’t deserving of it like everyone else. You are more bottom of the mountain than anywhere on it…or so you say in your story!

What a load of BS! 

It’s a rare thing to get me to blaspheme on my blog and admittedly I am only using initials however the story I just shared in the paragraphs above are so so so what I say above and yet it is believed in some form by the majority and then some. The reason for not manifesting is assumed as sinister and some sign of weakness and flaws so best swept under the carpet. And it assumes the universe is some controlling force that judges how deserving you are which is also a bit of that same poppycock because the universe operates by universal law and they are constant not judging or punishing or even rewarding, they simply are in operation and how they operate with you or anyone else is a unique response to what you put ‘out’.

Of course if you believe the story or similar story to above then you are going to keep having manifestation highs and lows as you have chosen to believe something and create conditions around manifesting what you ‘want’ and letting your unconscious fears keep manifesting instead. That is what happens you either manifest what you want and better or your fears and limitations become the author of your reality. Ewwwwwwwwwwww but true! 

Manifesting Truth!


So let’s take a look more closely at other reasons why manifestation may not have worked for you in the way that you had hoped and instead you manifested the opposite or less than what you could have (adverse manifestation as I call it)


Most people don’t follow a process, they have one or know of one and they simply don’t stick to it. In fact most people stop at the idea, the journaling and the talking about it (which incidentally isn’t a stage it is just a thing people do to seek approval of some kind – approve of yourself it’s the best way!) And when you can be honest that you didn’t take the steps necessary it takes away the OMG the universe must really not like me feeling. There are so many ways to manifest and long versions, short versions etc. however knowing what is required and then doing it is necessary! Of course sometimes the ‘ask’ and it occurs is possible however that isn’t the ultimate goal for everything!


What you were seeking to manifest was out of alignment with your Soul Purpose so your Soul kyboshed it. We all have ideas and desires and as long as we seek Soul guidance, we can know if it is right to pursue, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t and sometimes it needs a tweak and unless you actually let your Soul speak to you (think heart not gut and by heart I don’t mean emotions neither) then you aren’t going to know if it is in alignment and this can be the a cause for adverse manifestation.

#3 The unconscious is ignored and forgotten about, or maybe overlooked. When people think about consciously manifesting they will as part of the process duly unearth a belief or drag out the one that they feel the most comfortable with, often generic and one they have used over and over and use that as a belief as the one they must overcome in order to manifest successfully. It seems there is safety in better the devil you know. Even though it is glaringly obvious that approach isn’t right, – spiritual development isn’t a tick box exercise and the unconscious has depth and in that depth is gold! Plus if you aren’t willing to go deep how will you get to reach higher? A more helpful way of looking at beliefs or illusions are to see them as a branch of a tree. The trunk and roots are the unconscious and subconscious; they appear impenetrable, well not easily anyhow. This is the most perplexing for most as how do you get into the unconscious it’s like in the unconscious right? This step is key however. In this unconscious are unseen or just taken for granted as the way it is habitual patterns and thoughts that can make or break how you manifest. And the interesting thing is that that can appear as the fabric of who you are – that is the illusion. When I have worked with clients and tapped into this place for them, this is where they feel the most challenged and defensive the most. And yet the power that is released when the unconscious is bought into the conscious is HUGE and of course it changes how you manifest as no longer do you hold an aspect of a story that is out of date and not serving you.

These are 3 reasons (well 4 if you count the story that so many believe in varying degrees as their fearful truth) why your manifestation can be hit and miss. You always have a choice keep it that way or change it.

What do you choose?

And if you want to understand what is in your unconscious and how to create a stronger and solid foundation for manifesting, check this out as I suspect you may well LOVE it.

Sarupa Shah

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