How to stop manifesting struggle in business!

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Going backwards and undoing momentum is SO common for those who in this life have a contract to work consciously with the light and express it through their business. They miss out on business success AKA SOUL SUCCESS and it all becomes about excuses and stories!

It’s a topic that gets so sugar coated by most that it is legitimized. Excuses are indulged and stories of why you can’t be all that you came to be are upheld by so many. Businesses becomes a stop start arena or a playground for emotions and mind and a theme park for I can’t and I am not good enough.

Instead of honouring your hot mess – why not honour your sacred Soul Purpose?

Yup we all have trauma, fear and experiences in our past that make our stomachs churn with fear – and our bodies shudder – or at least minds cringe. We all have proof of when things didn’t work and many are being encouraged to attribute that to some childhood trauma – I am just not buying the desire to make energy so linear and the justification or emotional superiority.

In the end that ‘story’ and the emotions become inner navigator – and the driver. Fine if you want to be an emotionally centered business.

You could of course let the light be your navigator – that doesn’t negate what you’ve ever experienced, it just gives you a way to move beyond it and step into a new frequency as the light isn’t about pain. Ever.

Pain just isn’t the path, and it’s time to stop honouring that and honouring your limitations and believing that they are true.

It simply is a choice – power to the light or power elsewhere? 

When your path is conscious light and your ego rules, it isn’t a surprise that struggle is manifesting in your business!

And yes – it is difficult at first to accept that we are travelling away from the light. Those who travel with the light are few and far between.

Sustaining a stepping forward momentum in your business means accepting Spiritual Growth and learning how to move beyond the emotions and the mind so they work with your Soul.

And for the majority, as soon as the challenge of growth comes in they run in the opposite direction.

They step into fear that they can’t and aren’t enough and this light stuff and energy stuff might not be true and in any case their best friend told them they didn’t have ‘funnel’ so they can’t be successful or their SEO needs sorting and because it is isn’t inner work they run to it in order to run away where from where they were heading. Business stuff is necessary in business however when it is an avoidance to inner work and your path is about conscious awakening, the business stuff doesn’t bring in the results and nor it sustained.

  1. Some go back to a job or never leave so they never give their Soul Business a chance.
  2. Some go back to trying to test the Universe – go on make it happen if you really want me and to prove to me that my dream is real!
  3. Some go back to old money stories – the head and emotions are so strong at saying look that abundance the other month was luck so now go be safe again and remember abundance sounds nice when it happens but don’t bank on it…says the head and emotions.
  4. Some go back to old relationships that are well past their sell-by-date.
  5. Some blame others including their coach and mentors.
  6. Some tell themselves a story that they don’t need any support – a classic mask!
  7. Some throw themselves into business stuff –like shiny new websites, being on social media 24/7, offering free challenges and happy when they have 3 people signed up for free and pretend it is all about the connection only and how much others can see that you are seriously committed and ignore that no money flowing in. The business isn’t moving forward if it isn’t earning.
  8. Some give up and pretend that they know nothing and are totally confused and worse off than 5 years ago and they grieve a life that was instead of creating a life that could be.
  9. Some pretend that they know more than everyone and can do it all alone and that if they don’t then there is something wrong with them so they better prove they can.
  10. Some and this is a new one; share every emotional woe on social media in a hope that wins them clients and influence and is seen as some kind of authenticity. Grey – very grey!

All of this is backwards – the energy is in decline from what was being built and potential. It is a move away from the light as well as the new business foundations. Soul Purpose momentum stops and instead of it being about your Soul path it becomes once again about keeping yourself safe and stuck and the door to the light is shut!

The joy of life is sucked out pretty fast when you go backwards, it is like a reverse wind as the mind is having its field day and it can feel like you are drowning in a life that isn’t exactly what you wanted and instead of doing something about it; a helpless pattern ignites.

Now if we felt like that 24/7 I feel we may be more likely to do something about it.

However the clever manipulation of the ego is to keep saying – this isn’t that all bad and anyway it is so hard what you are trying to do and change and no-one is helping you or understands your life and anyway you don’t mind your job really OR you haven’t got enough money OR the Universe is testing you so much … poor you OR the economy is tough, it is holidays and excuses and stories like that…!

The ego makes a logical argument so it can keeps its control. And while in a day you could have that doom gloom feeling in your belly a few times, and find it difficult to sleep a few times a week and feel angry and frustrated – it all becomes about survival and is so tiring juggling yourself to stay afloat in all senses of the words.

Keeping your head floating above water, needing to prove you were right. And you become more stuck- and the cycle of it isn’t that bad and the refusal to see that you are stuck on backwards and reverse just plays out and for some this becomes their life. Struggle and some yeah okay moments.

So many potential Heart Centered Businesses never move beyond the label. It doesn’t have to be that way however it is the choice that is made over and over again!

No joy. No Soul. And no Spirit. None of that can get in when you shut the door that was opened and when you put a barrier up to where you were moving so the only way for you to go is backwards and undo.

So what can you do if you are on a backwards path in your business?

Saying you want to get over something and move forward isn’t enough. Just as saying you want to have a successful business….well d’oh who sets out to have an unsuccessful business?

I know how long I have said those statements to myself at various stages. NOW I don’t ever say them as they are the given and the words are empty without aligned action – they often ended up being a test the Universe, I am saying I want to make it all okay so I can prove me to me by you  – the Universe & Spirit doing all the work. So you see the statement: I want to get over this, I want to move beyond this are just a collection of words.

They sound good and mean nothing. Especially when everything you do is keeping you out of alignment with your Soul Plan and what you know. This is why a mentor who sees beyond your limiting story is essential as they see beyond your manipulation and self-sabotage.

So if you know you have been going backwards…hell-bent on undoing your progress and unpicking your dream and Spiritual connections because you believed you knew better than your Soul and you felt you had done enough and now the Universe and Spirit owe you a ‘break’ so you could go back to feeling safe and your Business and your Purpose could be proved by the Universe as really important and needed, then…


Smile that you have finally acknowledged where you are.

And then decide to change it or not.

It is always a choice.

How about moving fearlessly and going for Heart Centered Business Success?

That is my plan. It is a conscious choice if I tell myself it is anything else, like a choice made by money, or family or partner or where I live then I have stopped taking responsibility. Then I will go backwards and the piece that is my contribution to the evolution of mass consciousness will remain unfulfilled. I will let myself down. It won’t have been Spirit or the Universe or even my bank balance.

The greatest excuse amongst light workers is money and then the second greatest excuse amongst light workers is that they have to sacrifice to please others before they can ever get round to themselves.

And like you maybe, I have used money as an excuse to stop my light in motion. Ironically it stops abundance too. That was until I accepted that if I believed in abundance it would always be there despite my bank balance. If I only half believed or hoped one day to be proven right that abundance was real, I would never experience it.

That was one of the ways I went backwards, I told myself I couldn’t and shouldn’t and here’s a final bit of food for thought. That was my mask covering up something else. (Creative energy misuse…and a topic for another time.)

I was willing to look, grow and shift and it continues – it doesn’t stop. It never will. We are at the beginning of new energy and the midwives of light are needed, those who will share themselves wholly and be themselves without fear and limitation.

My clients who have and are succeeding do the same. They don’t stop after one difficult mentoring session. They don’t stop after one package finishes, they don’t delude themselves that they now know it all…that is part of the illusion that moves energy backwards the idea that one workshop  and you are ‘fixed…’ and in any case there is nothing to fix, simply to CHOOSE.

Over to you – choose forward or backwards. Then decide what you are going to do and if all you do is as little as you can so you keep feeling safe and testing yourself and the Universe then know this everything you are doing is saying I want to go backward and until you can understand why you want to keep doing that, you will keep doing it.

Moving forwards is less effort than sustaining a backwards energy, less turbulent and always more fun!

What do you choose? How will you step forward and keep that momentum and be the potential of your Soul Purpose and be the light you were born to be?

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Sarupa Shah



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