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I’ve been reminiscing with purpose not nostalgia. When I first created my money programme: Heal Your Money Patterns in 2011 I went through it every time I taught it.

The first time what was a huge and significant AHA for me was how I was holding a belief Money wasn’t Spiritual.  It was an abundance contradiction. I acted as if it was, however the energy I was holding was uncertainty and doubt about whether money was Spiritual and the fear that created was huge, looking back…!

Let me rewind a little more. I used to work. Have a job. And let’s be honest for most naive entrepreneurs JOB is a dirty word. There’s a ‘story’ that being an entrepreneur is superior and spiritually a sign of Higher Conscious being…poppycock I say!

And in the early start of this century, in Spiritual Circles the Corporate World and money was definitely a devils playing field. It was outside of the Spiritual comfort zone who preferred abundance to mean everything unseen and non material only. Voicing that meant you were really Spiritual, allegedly, like their was definitely honour in poverty…a very religious view and divisory.

I ended up living a schizophrenic life. Working and enjoying the fruits of may labour lavishly. And then toddling off to my Spiritual Circles and keeping very tight lipped when they were talking about how in a meditation one of them saw the corporate world collapse and money as we know it will disappear in the New Earth as it was called back then.

Firstly I didn’t want to be found out as a corporate money living girl who had a passion back then for Gucci handbags and private members clubs in Soho.

And secondly I didn’t believe it, it didn’t sit right with me. However I wasn’t sure as I was already judging myself by hiding and Spiritual Circles back then were very much based on years sat in the dark = the wisest. And as an person not  originated from the West, the religious based Spirituality of the west was a little bit funny for me in any case, as it was just a version of Christianity not Spirituality often.

Before I fast forward again. If you know me you understand when I say I revolted against this grim and separate view which of course put me outside of the then traditional Spiritual Circles. I was often lectured as being wrong…and of course the seeds of doubt even when I did revolt were already planted and some were blooming!

Now fast forward back to 2011 when my money work out in the world really started in a big way.

This contradiction that money may not be Spiritual had many layers to it. And each time I did my own Heal Your Money Patterns Programme, new layers got unpeeled. Each time I’d be a bit stunned that this contradiction was there. Buried and radiating energy in all I did on an unconscious level and doubt like a water leak, seeps in everywhere!

Over the years I’ve seen this contradiction played out by the Spiritual and Heart Centered community.

  • People are triggered by money talk and claim they aren’t doing it for the money and for some they are right as they aren’t earning anything … !
  • Still judging what people charge and earn and how people live and choose to spend their money
  • Refusing (by way of elaborate story hiding excuses and judgements) to do money work as they are hell bent on showing money doesn’t matter … so of course it doesn’t and that has a double meaning!
  • Completing talking text book abundance and then living the fear of what their bank balance says, so the information they have remains as that rather than becoming a way of life.
  • Not earning anywhere enough to survive (often hiding a part time job out of shame of being seen as a failure – why hide it?) or serving – they both go hand in hand as if you were spiritually serving you would be earning, Spirit aren’t about the sacrifice.
  • Letting money be their decision maker, despite saying they have asked their intuition, the ultimate and only decision is made because of money. Ironically this makes it all about the money more than people fully understand.
  • And of course the defensive denial that they have an issue with money or belief that it’s un-spiritual in anyway.

The Heart Centered Abundance Contradiction is a real challenge and left unaddressed it blocks abundance.

It is so present, it’s entrenched and accepted and like most limiting beliefs it’s sneaky. It’s how it presents and manifests and how it’s validated with a story / judgment / trauma. Sometimes all three, that makes it appear real or undefendable.

Here’s the reality of the Heart Centered Abundance Contradiction.  The core of it is a rejection of money and while you reject money; you reject abundance, yourself, your purpose, spirit, life and so much more – it is off balance!

An exercise for you.

Looking at the 11 statements below, find the one you resonate with more than others. At different times another statement may resonate more. You can stay in denial of course however if you want to change your money story – then –  left hand on heart as you read these and see which one your Soul says yes that’s the one to resolve.

  1. I don’t believe money is Spiritual
  2. If I earn my worth & vaue others might judge me (including me judging myself) as not Spiritual and instead as greedy.
  3. I believe in abundance. And want abundance for all but fear if I take any I may take it away from those who really need it.
  4. I don’t care if I earn money. I just want to serve.
  5. I’m afraid there’s not abundance. At least for me.
  6. I prefer to get and give away for free. It shows how Spiritual I am.
  7. If you’re rich you’re not Spiritual.
  8. When I make money I prefer to give as much of it away to charity.
  9. Financial struggling is a sign of a highly Spiritual person as the world isn’t yet ready for them.
  10. The best rewards are in the after life
  11. Abundance isn’t just about money. I’m abundant in all other ways in any case.

Now left hand on heart. Which statement has jumped out and resonated? If you say none and don’t have a relationship with money where you have enough and can always call it in and are living the life of your real dreams (not the make do one) then read those 11 statements again. Be honest!

One of them will stir you. One will resonate more than the others. Even if it is a tiny bit different from read the others only.

Money isn’t a topic people find easy to be open and vulnerable with themselves about. The stigma and judgement is huge.

Now that you have your one statement. Your next task is to journal what would be possible if that statement didn’t have any truth in your life.

Don’t prove it hasn’t got any truth in your life as then you’re back to defensive behaviour and won’t open the door for any shift in energy.

This is your first step into changing old energy money patterns. 2018 is a great time to do it as we nearing the end of the transition into the new era and new energy. Best not to take old ways into the new…don’t you think?

Leave me a comment. Give this post a share. And if you want to talk more about your money healing journey and how you can heal your money patterns for good, then contact me here and let’s set up a time to talk about your next step options.

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