How To Use The 4 Elements To Manifest What You Want!

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This is article is no. 2 in my NEW manifesting series.  Being able to manifest what you want is like the Golden Chalice of Spirituality. In fact that with the Law of Attraction is often what first brings people in to to Spiritual Development. 

What is often not accounted for is that Spiritual Processes go hand in hand with Spiritual Growth. This means addressing aspects of yourself that aren’t in alignment with your potential as an ongoing part of life. This is why manifestation processes, although popular can sometimes lead people into believing it is about the process, rather than the journey of growth and alignment.

In this manifesting series we are looking at the elements, Fire, Water, Air & Earth  – which are within you and the role they play in manifesting. When I first started my money programme back in 2011, I was talking about the difference between the law of attraction and manifesting. They of course have an interplay and are very different. The difference was the 4 elements  – although back in 2011 I hadn’t reached that understanding.

How Can the 4 elements assist you to manifest what you want in business.

When you work with the 4 elements your working at a deeper level than just following a manifestation process, which bring on/off success. You are working with the energy of who you are in a moment and how you operate within the natural order of the Universe.

Manifesting is about making something happen Whether that is in business or otherwise, the principals of how to manifest what you want remain the same. It has a magic and alchemy energy with it. It is an energy process to achieve your Soul Plan which is more than your business. It is about what you are here to grow into and resolve which of course also impacts on your business too.

When the four elements are in balance, you have a foundation from which you operate and it is also the foundation from which Aether – Spirit can collaborate with you. That’s when you can manifest what you want and it feels more like magic. Like there’s a whole new economy of energy, and manifesting momentum is YOU! It’s not saying that Spirit don’t collaborate without this, however the balance of the 4 elements that are within you and working with them cooperatively raises your vibration and frequency.  So you raise your Spiritual frequency to match your Spiritual path.

When it comes to how you manifest what you want, the understanding the elements bring to you give you an insight into what is really underneath the outcomes that were achieved (or not).

It’s all always about your energy – not your process, even though a manifestation process is  a good thing, it is only ever a guide not a set of rules.

This is one aspect of working with the elements and in this series on manifestation I want to take you beyond your manifestation process and into the energy of what you are doing. As when you understand the energy you will find your manifestation process becomes enlightened. And you will manifest better and that is what you and everyone reading this blog wants.

The info-graphic below shows – how the 4 elements within you can support your manifesting desires. Each element represents an aspect of you and each have an equal and different role. Think of an organisation the post room is as integral to the CEO office, if one isn’t present or ignored the mayhem is for the whole organisation!

Of course there the image above is how it could be and the reality as we have all experienced is that it isn’t always a case of it all manifests. It could be that there was too much emphasis on one element over another, e.g. the fears of the emotional body weren’t addressed so they cause havoc and too much doing (action) was given emphasis. Ignoring something isn’t a sure fire path for resolving the issue.

When manifestation gives you different or adverse outcomes to what you had set out to achieve, it results in a learning opportunity. Nothing is ever wasted. Unless you choose not to learn and criticise and judge yourself instead in which case that energy shadows over the emotions and mind and adds to any elemental imbalance until you ‘choose’ to learn and resolve.

Then there is a manifesting wild card. It comes with learning too. It is that couldn’t tell you till it happened scenario and you had to move towards X desire so that the elements and your alignment for this SOUL lesson/experience were in place…and even though I call them a manifesting wild card they are all still about learning and momentum.

And momentum is about following the light. When you follow the light within and the light of Divine – you won’t see yourself as wrong – you will see yourself on a journey. It won’t be about what you failed at achieving in your business and the heaviness of why am I so wrong, why doesn’t anyone want me – and let me pour those reasons all over social media in the hope that low vibrational attraction is my only option…(ahem). It will simply be about what you can learn and how you can stay in momentum.

And of course the more you embrace this, the more you will manifest easily.

Stay tuned for the next ‘episode’ in this series where we are going to take a deeper dive with the elements, starting with Fire & Water and I will be sharing some pitfalls that can stand in the way of you aligning those two elements which can also create kinks in your manifesting.

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