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Manifesting Money is one of those things many find mysterious and almost impossible. Replicating that good month and never understanding why what seemed like a financial breakthrough has long gone, replaced instead with money fears and drama. That isn’t everybody, there are many who can manifest money easily and consistently. They set what they want and make it happen.

Still in 2018, a very large part of Heart Centered and Spiritual Business community I speak with are full of vision and ideas even though they aren’t living their vision or following through with their ideas and just can’t get their grove with how to manifest money

Some still believe there is a method which brings you money for nothing. Believing the Universe has to come knocking on the door and leave a bag of the green stuff. Now it can feel like that for sure when you are in alignment with your purpose and your Soul; your ideal clients/customers search for you… however it is an exchange—you share and give and receive value…! That is how abundance happens.

Some don’t believe in themselves and believe the once it happened was only luck. And just to remind them of what a failure they are and they make their money story all about personal defeat. A tragic story.

For some the belief that if they ‘do do do‘ they will somehow overcome the thing they don’t like – money. Revealing they have a very unhealthy and un-abundant money story. It’s more hate than love.

Money is an exchange for value. When you have a skewed perception and belief about your own self value it supports fictional stories that preserve limitations and money blocks. Added to this are the infinite excuses that justify why you can’t. Why fear is real instead of abundance being real. Along with unworthiness thoughts about yourself and not believing in you… mean you will find manifesting money very difficult.

…so clients stop wanting to work with you…

…your outgoings become more than what you are earning…

…you get distracted from your path and become the person who gives to others more, they take your time up.

…your habit is to stay in lack and say no to what you want, so you stop spending out of fear.

It creeps in and takes over quickly. Before you know it you are in a hole which you believe you can’t get out of. It’s overwhelming as much as it is disheartening. Even though the wise spark of Divinity within you is urging you to move and shift. You don’t listen to it. Instead you listen to the cautionary and fearful advice from your personality and end up in the same place – stuck in a hole where all that is lack feels true. However much you keep the ‘appearance’ of it is all going okay—the inner feeling is not good.  This place can be lonely and isolating —and be a place of great emotional imbalance.

When I am focused on manifesting money this is where I start…

  1. Get really clear on what I want—amount and what for. Pluck a number out of the air and you will remain in the air. Give it grounding and it can grow.
  2. Look at all the ways I can make money—aim for at least 15-20 things—what I am offering, what I can offer, and other creative ways… and much to some people’s controversy, I include, credit cards, overdrafts, loans and in the past selling things on eBay and looking at my spending habits. People have an issue with credit and that is their story, I don’t force myself or anyone to borrow money. It speaks volumes if you say you want growth and aren’t willing to pay for it whether it is through what is in the bank, what you can get your hands on and through savings. I see many people struggle in this drama of wanting growth and saying no while sat on savings – which they hold on to out of panic—and then they wonder why there isn’t a flow of abundance. Fear of spending is an issue. Fear of taking a step forward is also an equal issue. A constant no even if it appears as a not yet is an issue to resolve too. Everything is a choice, and every choice has a consequence. Some call this karma—and it is every action has an energy consequence.
  3. Looking at the ways you can make money, go for what brings you joy and so you start your money flow. If you go for the low priced things believing they are easy hitters, you won’t be doing yourself any favours. Pricing low isn’t a sure-fire guarantee that people will pay. As a business owner if what you charge is out of alignment with your true value then the pricing will make what you offer unattractive to those you have the potential and promise to serve. In the end they go somewhere else. Get really clear you are going to DO IT and make it work!
  4. Become creative, stretch out of comfort. If you keep pressing ahead with the same offer repeatedly, in the same way and people aren’t biting at it, then to offer it the same way again is a pointless exercise. Underneath that pattern is not only your money stuff that is unresolved, it is like a stand-off with the Universe and you are hell bent on proving yourself as more knowing. It is a real waste of your time.
  5. Once steps 1-4 are in place it’s time to choose to plunge in and receive and allow the support you have denied yourself, or the thing you really really want to do that you know will support you in moving forward, even when the money isn’t fully in place. You have to be careful you aren’t tapping your fingers waiting for the Universe to come knocking and live your life for you. It won’t, it just sees you choosing to wait, so it gives you all that you need to keep that wait alive.
  6. There was a saying a coach from my past used to tell me; the Universe loves fast action. Not that it likes everyone to be on speed, racing around doing— it isn’t literal. In pondering this and listening to my intuition; the Universe favours us when we favour ourselves. Truth is we all know about abundance. Law of attraction basics are pretty much understood, and I say basics as there is so much more to it. Most if not all Heart Centered & Spiritual business owners will wax lyrical about manifesting processes and how they know everything about affirmations and visualisations and so on, however when you aren’t getting the results to live your purpose fully and be in service; pieces are missing in your understanding and your energy has stuff to resolve. It takes courage to say, right now this is time for me to learn and grow and not pay lip-service to generic terms and general statements. Getting to know me so I can share the best of me is what being heart centered is about.

These steps are necessary before you get to any manifestation process in my view and are fast, remember the Universe favours those who favour themselves.

If you are find you are in a ‘manifesting money muddle’—and can’t spring board from a cycle of financial feast and famine, it is time you did real powerful money work. Look here and get yourself booked into Heal Your Money Patterns October 2018.

Sarupa Shah

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