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Affirmations are one of the most favourite personal and spiritual development tools. And of course as a reader of this blog you will know about affirmations, positively constructed sentences or mantras to help you grow, expand, and transform. What I call heal! However they aren’t sure fire success!

The biggest reason Money Affirmations don’t appear to work is that people don’t know how to use them. There is an uncertainty and an expectation that ought to just work as you have created them. In my experience people stop using them as quickly as they created them as it can feel uncomfortable or they use them half heartedly and as a Heart Centered Business owner, it is full heart, right?

Money affirmations are healing tools for the mind.

As a healing tool, when you start using a money affirmation what gets in the way and what is not always known or even expected is that all the pent up resistance, a doubt and uncertainty that shows up.

While Money Affirmations are a great tool for money healing and aligning to abundance and changing your money flow – however they aren’t the only one!!! The mind isn’t the only place where money blocks and limitations are created!

In this video I share how you can create Money Affirmations and more importantly how you can use your Money Affirmation so it becomes your MAGIC WAND!

Just imagine that for a moment, your Money Affirmation becoming your magic wand!!!

I also give details of my online taught Heal Your Money Patterns programme – you can get the details of the next start date by clicking here. 

Over to you…

Watch the video, practise what I share and leave me a comment on how you get on. If you have any questions let me know and please share this post using the social media share buttons below!

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