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We are going back to Spiritual basics here. A foundation, as there is a lot a lot of confusion about this topic. And a whole movement of people claiming their intuition makes them so special and wise and better than everyone…or that intuition is there to make them better than everyone else. Pure ego – where is the Spirit in saying you are better than others?

There’s one thing to own who you are, however if it is a fog horn of you are better than sliced bread there ain’t no Soul and that is a journey you can choose by all means.

What is intuition…

Intuition is the voice of guidance. Someone once said it was like phoning God…now whether you believe that or not depends on your perception of what God is and it can feel so far out there that it can become a hurdle.

Simply put guidance comes from your Soul, your Higher Self and Spirit who are all connected to All That IS.

What guidance isn’t is anything that comes from your personality AKA Ego which is your mental or emotional body.

Because of that it doesn’t come from your gut. That doesn’t mean your gut wisdom is bad or wrong, it simply isn’t Spiritual guidance. You wouldn’t put your right leg forward and argue it is your left, well you may, however just because you aren’t willing to accept it is your right leg doesn’t mean you hold a truth. Spiritual truth is just spiritual truth and heart wisdom comes from the heart.

This is where so many get confused, defensive and quite uppity I have found. However if the gut is seen as the same as the heart, then there are big big illusions and I am not sure that even this post can help you as the first hurdle is a basic in physiology 101 that is needed.

How to access intuition…

As the mental and emotional bodies are so noisy and have been in charge for so long, accessing intuition requires a discipline of moving through the noise in to spiritual silence. It can be done in an instant as well as through meditation which is a great idea as it strengthens your gift to hear your intuition. Which by the way everyone has. It isn’t a woman’s domain or a practising healer’s domain. It is a being human gift to hear the wisdom of your guidance.

Journaling can be a good way too once you can discern between your head and emotions butting in and pretending that they are intuition and one of the things I have learned through my own work and study with Spirit is language used. The language as well as content of what and how you receive it reveals energetically whether it is guidance or something else. Spirit language isn’t the same as the mental or emotional body. The language someone uses gives me in my mentoring with clients the indications as to where they are operating from and what their opportunities for growth are. Always an opportunity to grow for everyone!

How to know if it is intuition …

How do I know it is intuition speaking to me and not my imagination…

I know this one SO SO well myself and sometimes I still wonder…and if you keep reading I have the antidote for it.

This comes with practice and trial and error as sometimes your head or emotions will trick you into pretending it is guidance from your Soul as a way to object to your Soul speaking to you. You will likely press ahead with what you have been given and if you are always seeking guidance then your guidance will step in and get you back on course. This is what I do. At times I doubt, however I learned if I doubt, second guess or keep seeking clarification I am putting myself on pause and it is pretty frustrating for my guidance, so the best thing is to move forward and seek guidance again. There are ways to know however too much to write down here.

The head and emotions pretending to be your guidance or taking over has simply been a habit, a rejection of the Divine. It is what mass consciousness is about, the emotions and the mental body and this is a journey for all to varying degrees until the mental and emotional body have nothing left to resolve and can focus on cooperating with the Soul. That is bliss!

Your guidance will also not give you information where your ego is boosted and you are made to feel like you are the best, the cleverest, the most whatever-est. That is ego stroking and that only comes from your ego.

Your guidance will never tell you what to do and it will never be about hurting anyone. In fact your guidance is only about you, when you feel you are picking up a vibe about someone that is psychic energy not intuition. Nowt wrong with that however there is a distinction.

Your guidance doesn’t give guarantees it isn’t about that, it isn’t about wrong and right it is about consequences. As ultimately your guidance doesn’t make things happen in your life you do. Your guidance could give you that the next step in your business is to do Y and if you sit back and do nothing then of course Y will pass you by.

In a role I once held as go-to-intuitive for multi-millionaire business owners, they would ask me about business deals and such like and I would intuitively share the consequences of the actions that they had as options. It was and is never the case of ‘must’ or be doomed. Intuition is about learning and applying free will. Always. And yes, some people’s gift in life is to teach others how to access intuition and deepen that journey, it isn’t everyone’s even though everyone has access to intuition as teaching gifts are unique not universal.

If you interpret what you get by tempering it, embellishing it, changing it; then if it was intuition it isn’t anymore as it has gone through the filters of your mind and emotions and been vetoed or adapted, so it is no longer the Spiritual guidance it was.

It might appear that I have a dislike for the emotional and mental body, however it is more that when they are the first line of defence and the vetoS you have to simply accept it isn’t spiritual guidance you are working with. Calling it what it is rather than preserving the illusion is what is needed and yes I too once was all about  what my gut was telling me it wasn’t like life was totally awfully as it wasn’t and that isn’t what the gut is about, making life awful. It is just time to make a choice, is it spiritual service or personality service you want to be creating and sharing in the world?

Accessing intuition and learning when you have let your head and emotions mislead you takes practise. Like all personal development it isn’t about saying I won’t move forward unless I am in 100% perfection and proof, as that doesn’t exist. No one is to be perfect as our imperfections are part of our uniqueness and personal journey anyway.

Silence in response as in no response when you are seeking guidance from your intuition is a source of frustration for many; when you ask and you get no response. The trick here is to not let your head or emotions barge in. Often the silence means you haven’t asked the right question or have missed out a step and are trying to jump ahead. The light which your guidance represents is very economical with energy, will use 2 words rather than 3, will go silent and you learn how to respond.

The silence can sometimes indicate that the answer will come. It is trusting and knowing what your silence is revealing that matters and like I said practise and training makes that.

Confusing answers , yes no, no  yes types that change every day because you keep asking to be sure,  – or keep checking in with all and sundry as you basically aren’t trusting your guidance are usually a tell-tell sign of your head and emotions responding  – they love to turn you inside out as it stops you moving forward Spiritually! Or the fact that you have made a question that assumes your guidance knows exactly what you mean. Spirit suggested to me, that if you were talking to a friend for advice about something you wanted to clarify about your next step you wouldn’t just say: is this my next step. You would express what you are doing and then share the step you are considering. Observe that practice when you are working with your intuition too.

Be patient and listen more than you ask.

Be patient when you listen and when you get something intuitively don’t then create a story around it as then you have let your head and emotions step in and cut the guidance off.

It’s an art yes.

However you can access intuition the voice of your guidance as I call it, your inner mentor and have a life that unfolds as an ongoing life of fulfilment, learning, growth and service. Intuition isn’t immunity against life it is an ally to assist you in navigating what you are here to experience.

And it makes life more fun.

Ready to try it? Want to expand your intuition wisdom in your life and transform the energy of your mental and emotional bodies so you can step into Spiritual service? It’s a choice and we can talk about it here, just get yourself booked into a conversation. I am here to help you on your journey to claiming your Light and aligning to your Soul Purpose.!

Sarupa Shah



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