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Selling is still getting a bad press and it stops them short and they don’t fall in love with selling (code for their business and what they offer).

If you don’t fall in love with selling what you offer, I have to ask you do you reckon you will have a business for long?

A sale is when someone purchases your product or service. And there is a journey to that sale, which more often than not involves the ‘seller’ AKA business owner marketing, sharing and/or advertising from having a sales page on a website to a 121 conversation with a potential buyer. 

It’s pretty normal in the journey of selling as a buyer, which we all are too I haven’t woken up and said I am buying something and done some kind of lucky dip so I don’t know what it is or whether I have any desire or need; big or small for it.

Put it another way:

Imagine going into your local grocery store and everything was hidden behind shutters so you couldn’t buy what you thought you wanted and no one was willing to help you to get to the things that you wanted. They didn’t want to look salesy…the business wouldn’t do well, would it?

That is effectively what so many Heart Centered and Spiritual Business owners do every day in their business. I know I am big on intuition, however even if your services or product was in my Soul Plan to purchase and receive transformation from, something we would have arranged a long time ago as a Soul Contract. If your vibration is such that you are going to reject that you have anything to offer or sell, which is code for I am not sure I have any value so let them find me, my Soul isn’t gonna be magnetising you and me together. If you aren’t energetically and then ‘in real’ available – then our Soul date would be missed by you.

My Soul will take me elsewhere as the Law of Abundance means there isn’t ‘only’ one person we rely on. There is always a contingency. If person A is choosing to fall into their fears and not address them, person B steps in and if not person B there are an abundant opportunities as none of our lives are dependent or conditional on just one person showing up! Can you imagine?

I get that no-one wants to sell their business like a door to door sales person who is pushing their way into your house uninvited and getting you to sign up to something that you don’t want. However why would you sign up to something, unless they have a gun to your head I can’t see how or why that would be a necessary thing to do.

The equivalent and worse that does happen in many cases is the discovery or sales conversation where you as a potential customer are told – you aren’t committed to your business / health or whatever their area of products or service is as a way of making you feel bad and bullied into buying. That pretence of I am doing service by emotionally blackmailing you and making you feel in adequate is ugh. If you don’t want to have a selling style like that, it is a good thing.

However why would what you don’t want to be stop you falling in love with sales?

Why would that stop you from letting people know what you offer, how it will help them and then let them make their choice…or at least advise them on what would be their best option. You are the expert in what you offer, are you not?

Why would your fear of what you don’t want to be stop you from embracing all that you could be?

Why you haven’t yet fall in love with selling…

  • …unclear on what I offer. Probably something that isn’t in alignment with your Soul Purpose so the disconnect puts you off.
  • …have doubts about my value and therefore don’t like anything that could lead me to money talk, as you got issues with money too.
  • …don’t want people to judge me as everyone you hang out with says that they aren’t salesy and most of them say how they make sales without selling. If you have a pay now button on your website and someone buys then you have sold something. If someone contacts you and says I must work with you, I really want to, that is a sale. If you make an even vague-ish announcement that you are thinking of running an event on a Facebook Post and you fill your event that is you selling your event. My spiritual mentor, only has to hint she is considering something and it is full…why? Because people love what she offers, get heaps of transformation and benefit from it and trust her and what she offers as being totally and exactly what they want even without knowing it. That’s a kind of magnetic magic to aspire to.

I used to be in the camp that said I don’t like selling, I don’t know how to sell. I don’t want to be salesy when I started full time in my business. Plus  I continually affirmed I didn’t know how to sell.

In fact I was so scared about being rejected that I made myself unavailable and put up a ‘fantabulously fictional’ story around it that had twists and turns about how spiritually the world wasn’t ready for people like me and it wasn’t a surprise though expected  I was struggling in my Spiritual and Heart Centered Business.

I was being sucked into the illusion that sales was masculine – and therefore something men did whereas women had this different style of selling, or so the then sales experts said. And As I bought into that (I was sold that idea – see how brad selling it) I tried to learn this art of being feminine in sales. It was pretty disastrous as the premise was you aren’t feminine enough firstly. And sorry I am a woman and you can’t get more female than that, however to be energetically correct I have masculine and feminine energy in me which is totally different to sexual demarcations. But this whole idea of feminine sales just added to the unattainable sale.

The undercurrent of this illusion is that as women you just show up and people will find you. I can see why that is appealing and why that gets wrapped around the Law of Attraction. However it is misleading. You have to be it and that means energetically and practically  aligned.

Selling, like how you wear clothes and what you eat is a personal style and choice. And anything that makes it so mysterious and ungrounded is just a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. (Quote thanks to the great Winston Churchill).

Let’s get back to the question – how do you fall in love with selling?

Simple: Fall in love with what you do first!

Here’s a simple exercise to get you started.

Just before we get to the exercise, sales is part of business – what we are talking about here is you inner doubts and judgements about it which in the end are self-sabotaging you. And putting this in context if you know from reading this that you have an issue around money  – and claiming your value  – then this exercise will be limited by that. The money piece as a Heart Centered Business owners is really significant and you can do all you can to avoid it however it isn’t going to resolve itself by that one affirmation you sometimes mean to remember to say. So if you haven’t yet – come do some money work and change your frequency and change your business!

Fall in love with Sales exercise 1.

In your journal answer these questions:

  • In no more than 4 sentences…what do you do?
  • Why?
  • Then keep asking why to every answer you put to why. Keep distilling it. This will help you get to the real heart of what you do or even help you discover that what you are doing isn’t what your heart wants, it was probably something you saw someone else doing that looked like it could work for you!

The deeper you go with this exercise, and I would give yourself a good 30 minutes and no stopping writing to think, it is like a game of squash – the ball comes back at you quick. You are moving beyond your ‘story’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘pre-prepared speech’ and ‘illusions’ – and really getting to the heart of the matter. What eventually will happen is the writing will stop and you will feel a sense of totally connection with what you are offering, it may tweak your four sentences however that enthusiasm and passion will be at an all-time high!

That will be your first moment, perhaps in a long time where you begin to really fall in love with your business and its potential and your place in it and that is also the first step to fall in love with sales as a Heart Centered and Spiritual Business owner.

Let me know how the exercise goes for you and what you discovered and if you have any questions about sales and selling.

Next having established your why you do what you do we are going to be looking at who you do it for as if you don’t know that you aren’t going to be easily attracting your people to you!

Sarupa Shah


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