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It’s a biggie and an intro to a new theme for this month – Soul Purpose.

Your Soul Purpose is your Soul’s journey for this life. It is about you as a being not as someone who does.

This is an important distinction. The search for validation of ones Soul Purpose has become a validation of what you do in your business. It has gone topsy turvy. It’s like trying to fit the Soul to make the business you think and feel happen!

Your Soul Purpose is so much more and it doesn’t need a business (or any job title based role for that matter) for success. You can choose to own a business and be your Soul Purpose. That is totally different.

In my early years I was on what seemed like an eternal search my purpose. Looking for what now has became big business – the in lights spiritually dynamic and dramatic title and label. I think I was addicted to the search and the ‘romanticism’ of having a Soul Purpose. 

What was ironic from a young age I saw potential in people. I saw a light that not only gave me an immediate download of what is possible as potential for this person in terms of achievement. And how they can get there. I saw the essence of their message – what they are sharing in who they be. I saw their Soul, I used to call myself a Soul translator as I saw, heard and felt that energy as clear as if you and I were having a chat over a cup of tea.

I just refused to see it for myself. Funny how we do that!

I searched outside of me. Looking for external validation as whatever I did see in me wasn’t enough as deep down I had that I am not enough so need to prove it by fancy schmancy titles and as man spiritual words as possible. I was feeding my personality, not my Soul. I didn’t understand or know the difference and it was part of my journey.

So how do you discover your Soul Purpose?

As a veteran searcher and someone who helps people connect to their Soul Purpose here are a few ideas for you.

  1. People often say look at what comes naturally to you. Something that you enjoy doing. I agree however it isn’t about being literal. For years in meditation I saw me feeding people so I interpreted that to restaurant owner, which I then went to judge as not spiritual enough. I got stuck in the interpretation and then the judgment and it wasn’t until a long time after when I went beyond the interpretation by not doing it and stopped the judgment that it became clear – it was about feeding the soul. And yes I love cooking, entertaining and creating environments for people to have fun (thrive) and paying attention to details – which is why being a mentor works for me as a way of expressing my purpose. The 2 caveats I have to what comes naturally is that you can get fixed on the doing which isn’t Soul Purpose as Soul Purpose is about who you are at the heart of your being. And don’t be so literal that you add it all up to make meaning out of it.
  2. Be willing to explore through meditation! After I gave up fancy pants titles and validation of how spiritual I might be and all the stuff that masks a lack of self-belief and love – I started to meditate and ask my Soul and Spirit team wait. Now that took discipline and some work as of course the mind wants to race ahead with answers and more questions as does the emotional body. Then you get the opposite when you try and make it so silent it is noisy and you drown out your Soul that way. And of course the impatience. All part of the journey and all part of the inner work that stops the ego (personality) sitting in the driving seat. While your personality is fed and leading you aren’t living or being your Soul Purpose.
  3. Three best tools I want to share for discovering your Soul Purpose:
    1. Work with a mentor who is living their purpose and expanding it – and sees your potential energetically and will lead you to discovering your Soul Purpose. Not someone who wants to tell you what they think you could do – that is fine if you want to have a successful business that isn’t Soul Purpose driven.
    2. Astrology – in particular Soul Centered Astrology, which is branch of astrology.
    3. Archetype work – 4 of the Archetypes below hold the keys to your purpose and will guide you in how you choose to express it. One represents your Soul, one your Spirit, one your emotional body and one your mental body. And your Soul Purpose uses your emotional and mental body to express its purpose and to drive it forward so you can be who you came to be in the world.

And take a note – if you aren’t being your purpose 24/7 you aren’t fulfilling it in totality.

3 ways PLUS 3 tools – if you want to have a conversation about your Soul Purpose and how you can activate it and connect to it – set up a time here to have a chat!

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