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Are you heart centered? Do you believe in a heart revolution?

The New Era is about the energy of the heart after all.

Do you however let your gut be the voice of your intuition? Is that where you feel you hear your intuition the most?

I am challenging the status quo and inviting you to join this challenge in August. Before you defend the gut which isn’t wrong, this is simply about a change in ffrequency and consciousness that only your heart can fulfil. Watch the video it is 4 minutes 22 seconds and leave me a comment to say you are joining and do share this post too!

August is an exciting month cosmically with a great invitation and opportunity for change, that is easy, effortless and long lasting. If you want to raise your frequency then this is a good time.

Sarupa Shah

August Heart Centered Challenge….I have a challenge for August…and you are invited to join me… this month is about getting into the HEART and creating your own Heart Centered Revolution… check out the video 4 mins 22 seconds – (yup me and magic numbers…) and join me by saying in comments and sharing this post…the energy is ripe for heart centered transformation…are you IN?

Posted by Sarupa Shah on Monday, 3 August 2015


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