Uncovering your Hidden Money Story…step 1

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7 years I have been offering money healing work. 7 years, they say that is when you get an itch, rest assured I haven’t got an itch and I am not going anywhere. In those 7 years if I got a £1 or a $1 for everyone who said to me, oh no I don’t need money healing work, I would be a lot lot lot wealthier than I am now. You see, what people avoid is the hidden money story which is why most can wax lyrical about not being good enough as a generic aspect for themselves, or not being worthy and I have shared this before it is as if there is a safety in numbers. However what is underneath that and also what is hidden and how are you going to resolve it as when it is hidden an affirmation isn’t going to work, a note in your journal doesn’t suffice?

The defences made up of money blocks are so solidly built it is not funny and is kind of. It’s pretty sad too as every celebration of a defence means you are not living your true purpose.

Now if you are a regular and a follower of my work you will know that I often say abundance isn’t a destination, it isn’t a figure. It is subjective, personal and is about ENERGY. And energy never lies and when you can read energy, feel it and when it is pulsing to you what lies underneath the appearance of what you are being shown or what is being said –  I strive to listen. Though sometimes the person is talking so much and selling their story to convince themselves that I withdraw as there is a saying if someone doesn’t want to be helped then don’t offer it, right?

Now a little seriousness for a moment, as abundance isn’t a destination – you can accept that there is always more. More of you to share, more service opportunities and of course more abundance possibilities. Abundance is abundant!

Those who have accepted abundance not only know that, they live it, strive for that more and embrace it including resolving all that they hold as stories, blocks, limits, patterns and habits.

How do you know if you are standing in defence and against financial abundance and letting your Hidden Money Story drive your life away from abundance?

Let me describe the woman who says no, I don’t need money healing work. She isn’t going to have stacks of wealth in the bank or clients. She may well be making do and by that I mean just making ends meet, so the idea of investing in growth is a no no. Better to say no I don’t need it to cover up any pangs of insufficiency. Not that feeling insufficient is recommended in anyway the fact that it is being covered up with a very politely defensive NO is an issue in itself. 

They won’t be setting the world on fire, they won’t be earning their worth if they are earning and they sure as hell won’t be wishing to take responsibility as they have made the word responsibility mean blame. Instead they say…

  • No, I don’t need money healing at all, my money story is fine. As Shakespeare said, the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Whenever there is a story there is an excuse and justification. You don’t defend otherwise.


  • I have done money work already. I always have to bite my tongue and hide my giggly smile at that point as if it was one time work and you have done it that means you are forever abundant, can call in what you desire when you desire it in a moment and without batting an eyelid. It is a defence to say go away I am not addressing my money stuff as I am so scared that I might discover that I will never be able to be wealthy so better I live in DeludesVille.


  • It’s not money work I need, it is that what I am offering isn’t right. Now that may be the case, however none of us are one trick ponies so we can offer more than one thing firstly. And secondly as money work is an inner journey to understand you and your relationship with yourself, when that is enlightened you offer what is in alignment. It is chicken and egg, both connected. However the idea that what you are offering is not right, makes you wrong so is shadow energy. It also puts it ‘out’ there away from you and back to that I can’t be responsible as it is out there scenario. And with this story often comes the hint of the world isn’t ready for me, my marketing hasn’t been right, I haven’t been on social media….the more you put it out there and outside of you the less you have to take responsibility and the less you feel responsible. Instead it can be a journey of let me learn how to copyright, market, do social media Ads, blog and so on. Keeps you busy busy busy. And oh so out there you don’t have a moment to spare to look in.


The thing is most don’t know they are doing it and certainly don’t want to be called on it. It has become so habitual it is epidemic. And when you start to look at what is hidden, it is deep work, it has the power to totally shift your life for good and the fear is that is might be too hard, I might have to step forward and I won’t have an excuse left…!

And it isn’t just a go away defence, there is the pacified defence, the one that says YES I need, I so so gonna do this, it is my desire.. (hoping the Universe hears that you are really kind of committed as long as it makes it happen!!!) and then…still do nothing as you want to have the proof – like you want the arrive before making the journey.

Abundance has nothing to do with making do. There are no points for suffering stoically. Or for enduring a lack of wealth whatever that means for you. It’s all ego that makes people do that as the Soul never would. Though in these cases the Soul rarely gets a chance as the response is all ready on the defence and from the mind that has created the story.

A minority are not defensive and this is my call out to the majority. We are in 2018. New Energy. At the foothills of monumental opportunity and change and if you aren’t willing to open yourself up fully to all that you say you know and say you believe and instead knowingly and unknowingly act in defence and opposition then where is that you expect to be, not just at the end of this year, at the end of every year. There ain’t no shame in addressing your money story and finding ways to expand it.

Strong words, it is my first blog post of 2018 and if people choose to hold on to their insufficiencies then that is a choice I respect. For years it has been mouthed and written we don’t convert, that isn’t heart centered and no, it isn’t because if people aren’t willing to see the more; even if they can’t see the hidden stories, limitations, patterns and habits, then they are refusing abundance  in every way possible. And that is more than abundance in a bank, they are defending themselves against abundance in every way possible.

A bit o’ food for  your Soul.

Have you picked up on your defence or even dismissiveness when it comes to money healing and spiritual development?

Maybe this article has inspired you to step forward that is the aim after all as when you do, when you claim your greatness and give up your smallness and fear you shine more. And then the world changes a little more easy.

Leave a comment and don’t forget to share this post and check back for part 2 of this money story epic!

Sarupa Shah

PS if you want to talk money healing, spiritual mentoring and are ready for action now, not a tyre kicking call hoping to pick my brains then let’s talk, connect here.

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