Here’s why your money affirmation isn’t working. (And what no one else will tell you)

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Sometimes saying an affirmation to align you to receiving money is totally enough. Though it’s few and far between that this actually happens and I am going to tell you why.  


It’s usually nothing to do with the money affirmation itself. (Though there’s a magic to creating affirmations when you are using them as manifestation tools. It’s not just any old sentence!!!)

Nor anything to do with how wrong or anything else you are. Just wanted to be clear about that too. This isn’t about a blame yourself game.

The purpose of all affirmations are to remove the limitations of the mind and affirmations sit in the context of manifestation. Affirmations are a manifestation tool.

Reason #1

For the majority of people, affirmations have become the manifestation process in itself. This is why money affirmations don’t provide consistent results as they aren’t part of a manifestation journey. To manifest you need more than your mind involved.

Reason #2

What we want to manifest isn’t always what we get. The reason for this is more often than not what the focus isn’t in alignment with your Soul’s Plan and so takes you off your Soul path. Also, steps to break other sabotage patterns, like the fears stored in the emotional body or steps that need to be in place before are missed. All this is easy to remedy when you follow and work with the energy of manifestation and work with your Soul!

Reason #3
When the money affirmation becomes THE whole manifestation process, it’s quite usual that it is accompanied by a money inertia .

Let’s presume that you are using the affirmations. Most people create an affirmation and use it for a day or two and then it gets forgotten. So let’s say you are using yours wisely and well. What then happens is your mind starts to open to more possibilities. And the Universe responds by bringing you more opportunities to take you beyond where you are to a new alignment with abundance. It gives you what is right for your next step for Spiritual growth and alignment.

Here’s where it really matters…

Now if that next step involves spending money, most say no and ignore what the Universe has put in front of them. Recently over on my Facebook group I hosted a Money Affirmation Challenge and when an opportunity (not an upsell) came to some people from the Universe– none of the people took it if it involved spending money. One even said I think a lot so it will take me time to decide.

At some point we have to ask ourselves are my thoughts more all-knowing than the Universe?

This has become the toughest step for people. The idea that if you spend money it isn’t manifesting or real abundance is still strong and is stands in the way for many Heart Centered Business owners.

In a world where fear about the future is every day headlines amplified by social media, most are attached to the fear. Sold on it. And so acting in alignment with their affirmation and being able to see the gifts the Universe brings them is not what they want. Plus social media led Spirituality is heavily influenced, in fact it is many cases one of the same by the online marketers world. It is all about lifestyle and oh you don’t have to do much to get what you want and be a Spiritual Master…! Fine to believe that as free will and all that, but you are being misled. The fact is alignment to your affirmation is necessary. And that includes action.

At some point you have to stop making money your boss and decision maker, as otherwise you aren’t in alignment with abundance. You are in alignment with the fear that creates the attachment to lack and not being enough and a whole lot more other stuff that gets in your way.

So why sometimes is it enough to say an affirmation for one day and everything fall into place?

As I shared above, this is few and far between and isn’t a sign of spiritual power (we are all powerful so why compare power, it isn’t a locker room!) or magnitude necessarily. It is all about alignment. The affirmation was the cherry on the icing, the alignment was already there, and the monkey mind limitations needed a tweak. There was mind stuff that needed to be resolved and the affirmation made that possible. Like tying up a loose end.

Here’s something no-one tells you about your money affirmation.

Ultimately affirmations aren’t a forever tool. There comes a point when your mind is working in its higher state of consciousness and being led by your Soul and Higher Self. When that happens it stops resisting or coming up with stories to limit your Soul’s potential. It stops going into cahoots with your fears and says yes this is impossible because…and that happens when you have resolved the lower mind stuff. It’s a journey to get there. A worthwhile one I might add. You won’t find a short cut so you might as well enjoy it. The learning and growth you meet along the way as well as the opportunities you manifest are well worth it. It is then you start to step into the I AM energy.

And I know some reading this will already be renouncing affirmations of any kind to prove themselves to others that they have hit a higher mind. If you have great, if you haven’t great. Your journey is your journey and the Universe, Spirit and your Higher Self aren’t fooled by words or statements, in the end it is all about your energy!

What really counts and makes a difference is your willingness to learn and grow as then you will. When you explore why some Spiritual tools don’t work to create the desired outcomes and then do something about it; that is where the magic begins.

If you have ever created money affirmations, stopped using them pretty much as you started and / or not felt like nothing ever changes when you do use them (and how can they when they are swimming in that thought vibration?) then isn’t it time you unlocked your affirmation code?

Share in the comments what your experience with affirmations has been? And what AHAs you have had reading this. And don’t forget to share this article with others.

Sarupa Shah


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