11 Heart Centered Facebook Live Tips

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I am SO super excited. This week I held my very first Facebook LIVE event. Not sure if it is an event, though it felt like one.

In my own morning meditation I got a nudge to offer a Facebook Live meditation later that day. It had been rumbling to add to my mix for a while and I sat with it as I wanted to percolate what was best to offer and what I would love to do and love to give so it added value and was fun too for those who attended!

I was a bit like OK and nervous and excited. My pattern with new tech is always challenging. Like a comedy of errors. My first ever teleclass (remember those?), I muted the call and myself, and I delivered my training while on mute and as I was focusing on the ‘training’ – never checked my emails till after…I had to laugh! It has carried on since, the comedy that is me and technology!

I avoided Periscope. I avoided Blab. Though  I love Twitter.

Just didn’t get a feeling for it and I was nearly ready to avoid Facebook Live as I have seen so much ranting on it, preaching and general listen to me you aren’t doing enough nonsense, the noise was becoming unbearable.

Yes, social media has a ‘noise’ it is a reflection of mass consciousness and I have never understood why when entering your social media accounts one doesn’t practice and observe accepted ways to protect your space as well as align your energy for the highest good. It is that classic case of it doesn’t count. Let me tell you it does!!!

Now I am not going to dress myself up as a Facebook Live expert, however I want to share with you lessons I learned from being live and how as  Heart Centered and Conscious professional you can, if it is appropriate add Facebook Live to your marketing mix with heart and soul! Not just because it is there!

  1. Get clear on what you are offering and how it sits within your overall business message and purpose.
  2. Offer value, make it engaging and exciting…you are show casing you yes, AND make sure you are offering value not just an advertising campaign.
  3. It is about being social, it is ‘social’ media after all, so keep it light. (That doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful!)
  4. Don’t be afraid of technology and having fun and making mistakes. Live television is full of mistakes so there isn’t a it has to be perfect or I have failed scenario looming.
  5. Be real, be you. Be authentic.
  6. Give it a go.
  7. Don’t rant or preach, that is old paradigm energy. Be constructive, not destructive.
  8. Ground yourself and your energy before you go live and set your intent to serve. Just like you would before a live, face to face event. Prepare your energy so you can be the best and add to lifting the vibration of mass consciousness and not adding to the noise.
  9. Smile you are LIVE on camera and look at the camera (not just your script if you have one).
  10. Tell people you are doing it, get them excited and involved and eager to attend.
  11. Relax it isn’t an exam!

What else would you add? Have you tried Facebook live, what did you learn? How is it working out for you? Would love to hear your experience and wisdom so join the conversation.

Sarupa Shah

PS if you want to see my first Facebook Live – take a look…



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