Heart Centered Consultation

Perhaps, like many 'solo' business owners and spiritual workers you have hit a point where you need to get further clarity, intuitive insight and create your breakthrough and emerging path immediately.

You don't feel like this is the time for long term mentoring, just want an IN THE MOMENT OF NOW, deep, and Heart Centered focus on where you are going and how you can best support yourself to achieve your ambition to serve more. The Heart Centered Consult is perfect, giving you 2 hours 121 over Skype where you can not only pick my brain, so to speak, you also get to create your plan and remove obstacles and patterns that aren't serving you and be given the tools and processes that will support you moving forward.

Increasingly we are all changing how we work and how we get support and in this one off session, while there is no follow up after the session, you are given a questionnaire to complete before we meet over Skype so we hit the ground running and can cover business, spiritual growth, career, money and relationships as well as health.

The Heart Centered Consult is offered when you are in crisis, or when you are ready for growth and looking for support from someone who can guide you with top rate advice, & intuitive insights while using mentoring protocols of ensuring you fully own your power and path.

Once paid for these sessions are booked relatively quickly to keep in line with your need and desire to move to your next level.

This session costs £500 (Plus VAT if applicable) (approx US $750)