Imagine activating your Soul Money Blueprint as you adventure to slay your money blocks and change your money story?

The time to do something about it is NOW!

Starting Tuesday 6th November for 5 weeks...

...GET ready to say goodbye to your money limitations and put money where your heart is!

2-part payment plan available below AND *NEW*  8-PART payment Plan available

If your relationship with money is more feast/famine and you want to change YOUR relationship with abundance and money and allow money to flow to you then this is your time gorgeous one, YOUR time!!!

2-part payment plan available below AND *NEW*  8-PART payment Plan available

When money isn't flowing it makes you doubt everything about yourself and your Spiritual path.

If you aren't earning in your business and your ideal clients are saying NO - then this is your opportunity to change this and do spiritual money healing. Getting you to the heart of your abundance!

I know how difficult it is for Heart Centered, Lightworkers, Healers, Therapists and those who have a strong desire to change the planet to admit that that they have an issue with money and manifesting it.  ...there's this pressure placed, that if you have watched The Secret then you *must* be expert at manifesting everything  - or there is something wrong with you.

Don't let your dream sit on a shelf!

I work with people like you, who have the most amazing vision for the world, and want to create a legacy of love and are 'done' with a money story that stands in the way of their service, dreams, impact and spiritual growth.

This is your money wake up call and believe me, they get tougher as you know your Soul has BIG plans for you and being stuck with money and a money story that is  built on fears, limitations and blocks isn't your Soul's plan!

I have been showing people just like YOU how to heal their money story and move beyond their current financial ceiling for over 8 years.

I channelled the Universe's  Abundance Blueprint back in 1999. It wasn't until 2008 I started to take this work out in the world as I was so caught up in fear that you couldn't be Spiritual & RichI had reached a crisis point financially and my business just wasn't taking off as I had dreamed despite how hard I worked.

I then came across the work I had channeled around money and abundance and I took my own money medicine and everything changed, within 6 weeks I had generated 100k worth of sales, closed down one business and relaunched as The Soul Agent!!!

Money Healing is super fast at getting YOU results.

This is exactly what I want to share with YOU.

I am going to share everything I did to turn my finances around and to Heal My Money Story - the exact exercises, meditations, processes. And even now I use the same processes and exercises when I want to heal and grow my financial prosperity! 

Let's not BS...a fear based money story or a 'stuck' money story IS Soul destroying.

Whatever you do your money stress creeps back in. It seems whatever you do you can't get out of that money drama loop and heal that money relationship.

Your fear is you will never be wealthy and you feel ashamed about your money story and feel alone for not having got it... 'everyone else seems to...' or so you think. 

You  worry that money isn't Spiritual, and wonder if it makes you greedy and unspiritual. And still it doesn't take away that feeling that the Universe has forgotten you, as whatever you do you, there just isn't enough money. 

Facing money stuff like opening or paying bills makes your stomach churn.  You feel like you always have to hold back from investing in your growth and doing all the things you dream of. And you just want to change this.

  • You dread having the 'money conversation.' Struggle to set prices and immediately discount? And if a client is late paying you, you make excuses for them...and are sorry you had to ask?
  • You feel like you always have to hold back from investing in your growth and doing all the things you dream of. And you just want to change this.
  • You worry that money isn't Spiritual, and whether struggle is part of your Spiritual of the most dangerous 'stories' within the Heart Centered Community.
  • You get triggered by money talk, defensive and argue that it isn't about the money while you aren't making enough to thrive.
  • You hold a deep secret that you fear voicing: You wonder if abundance is real or just something for lucky people, people who are more popular, more clever, more qualified, slimmer and anything else you can judge that you aren't. 

Here's the thing, if your money story isn't one you that fills you with joy.


If you are frustrated and even a little angry that you aren't earning enough to thrive or at times and sometimes  you are barely surviving...

... then you have a money story that wants addressing...and don't panic your money story isn't reflecting your failure or lack of purpose or anything else that you make up to put you down

If you are in a Soul Purpose driven business and not earning and not sharing your gifts, you are being given the biggest clue that your money story needs healing - this really is key to your next step! Money Healing is expansion at a Soul level.

The secret you fear voicing is whether abundance is actually real. Or is it for lucky people who are more popular, clever, qualified, slimmer and anything else you can judge so you hold yourself back. (At Heal Your Money Patterns, YOU will activate the I AM GOOD ENOUGH consciousness so you can get over this idea abundance is about luck!). 

You feel like the magic has gone from you, you've hit a financial plateau and are stuck and uncertain about how to expand your wealth, service and business and you feel ashamed and ungrateful to think as you do but you are bored in your business, bored of just doing the same thing and not earning well, or expanding and transforming.

You dread having the 'money conversation' with clients, and find you immediately discount what you truly want to charge. You struggle to set prices where you earn your worth as giving value is the easy part for you. As is giving away stuff for free. And if a client is late paying you, you make excuses for them...and are sorry you had to ask.

You feel that you are 'money jinxed' as whenever you feel or start to experience a financial breakthrough and clients start to flow, it just suddenly stops. Like someone pressed the pause button. You don't want to say it was you can't shake that inner knowing that you have sabotaged yourself again and you just can't figure out why.

Everyone in the WHOLE world has money blocks - the difference is between those who address them and shine their light and fulfil their purpose and get rich while doing so and those who don't and just live the struggle instead and that feeling of never quite making it

... imagine what you would do, create and achieve in the world if you knew money was your ally, something you could call in and manifest easily?

It could be if you allow yourself to do the money healing work.

And let's bust this myth in case you are thinking maybe I can do this another time as my money story could sort itself out:  time doesn't heal your money story - YOU HEAL IT.

Being on Heal Your Money Patterns, participating whole-heartedly will show you what you can't see and what is standing in the way of your abundance. 

...imagine knowing and believing, trusting and feeling that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH - at Heal Your Money Patterns you will activate the I Am Good Enough consciousness. 

Your invitation to heal your money story is now.

  • You have to put down your excuses and you have to choose abundance, as this inner battle isn't serving you - time to move on and allow abundance!!!
  • If you want to earn more while serving more...just imagine earning in one month what you earned in a year...well that is 100% possible!
  • heart
    Charge and earn your value...your real SOUL value...which is unlimited!
  • Go beyond mindset as your mind isn't where your Soul is after all!
  • Dissolve fears around money so you move from can't to CAN DO!
  • heart
    Create a life & business where you thrive!
  • heart
    Change your money story, take it to it's next level and expand your service!
  •  You deserve it and as someone who is committed to service and changing the world! It's time to stop the - want to be heard and not seen, want to change the world on a shoestring ... it isn't inspirational!
  • Powerful processes, shared over 5 live sessions (delivered online and recorded for you to keep forever and if you happen to miss a session you don't miss out ) where you rewrite your money story getting over your fears & illusions about money, charging and being wealthy. Many of my clients have their biggest pay days while on Heal Your Money Patterns programme, often earning more than they have all year in one day! (Over 8 years ago believed that was just impossible too and you know what it stayed impossible until I changed my beliefs and what was keeping that belief stuck and I am going to show you how you can do that for you too!)
  • As you experience your 'Money Metamorphosis' and expansion, you will anchor your purpose more fully and learn how to hold your energy to manifest all that you wish to create more easily and effortlessly and from a place of greater alignment to abundance.  No more apologising for bold plans that grow your business and service and bring you success - when you grow your light just spreads to every part of the world and when you don't grow you spread that sh*t too - what do you want your legacy to be?
  • Your intuition and Soul connection will deepen as money is a spiritual self-reflection and when you understand this one aspect a whole new world of money opens up to you, it is the one thing that creates the platform for change in everything.
  • Discover a deeper and more powerful magic that will make your money affirmations become your magic wands. Yes they are magic wands, however without activating that magic they are just empty words that can often keep you stuck in what you don't want!
  • Receive practical and intuitive guidance from me. I care deeply about this work and your success and know the significance money healing has for your journey.
  • How does filling your services, sell your products sound and more successful launches? Yes, it sounds so good, I know! When your self-worth increases, your inner light gets to shine and that is your magnetic part, it becomes the guiding light for those you are here to serve. 

Money Healing is a Spiritual journey that will align your emotional and mental body to your Soul, putting your Soul who knows abundance, well and truly in the driving seat!