Heal Your Money Patterns Bootcamp is your Money Consciousness Resource...and it changes EVERYTHING about how YOU create abundance!!!

A 5 week online programme.  **NEXT ONE** starting December 5th 2017...& taking you through to 2018!

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Are YOU: Still struggling to create a new money story, one that sticks to abundance???

Feeling that your money blocks are on repeat?

          Hungry to lift the ceiling on your current income and create wealth easily and effortlessly?

Wanna join the Heart Centered Revolution an embrace BOTH spiritual and material success together?

I teach people just like YOU how to discover the universe's blueprint, shift money patterns, & habits and get you back to their soul truth...abundance!

Do any of these (or all of these) sound familiar?

  • Money and it's stresses always seem to creep back into your life and you wish they didn't PLUS you don't know why you are back to money struggle?
  • You dread having money conversations (just as much as you dread bills coming in!) with clients, and find you immediately discount what you truly want to charge!
  • Perhaps you know you have some 'toxic & self-sabotaging' beliefs around money, like you have to work hard and sacrifice for success and you can't seem to drop however much you try. 
  • You often think if you didn't have to worry about money you would do so much...money is that irritation just gets in the way of what you dream of doing and what you can do in reality!
  • You always feel like people won't pay what you want to charge, so under price and give so much away for free and still nothing seems to make the shift to abundance permanent?
  • You are struggling to make the leap from employment to owning your own business, timing is never right and excuses of why not now are rife!!!. 
  • You feel like the magic has gone from you, you've hit a financial plateau and are stuck and uncertain about how to expand your wealth, service and business.
  • Maybe you want to experience the 'abundance' that is talked about, that sense of financial intelligence that comes from spiritual wisdom!

​Did you realise...

That stress and fear around money are also significant opportunities. They give you thee opportunity to step into greater alignment with abundance if you take action that is!!!​

When your Soul is saying, hey you, ready to grow...and have more abundance while giving more service and living your soul plan? ...what is it to be? A path of fingers crossed or a path that sets you into  deeper alignment with abundance and opens up your Soul light into the world even more?

In my years of doing Money Healing work with thousands of people around the globe, the one thing I have seen is when people choose to do nothing, nothing changes and in fact they get deeper entrenched in struggle and further and further away from their Soul Purpose as it all becomes about 'fixing the material' instead of service! Do you really want that to be your choice

For nearly 8 years I have been taking clients on a Money Healing Journey, to the well spring of their true abundance. I was first given the elements of this programme through Spirit in 1999 & 2000 and little did I know then the enormity of this work for those in the Spiritual Community! (Mine was the 1st ever Money Healing Bootcamp and is still going strong!)

Over 300 people have been through this programme to date....! Will you be one of the next success stories? Will you allow yourself to truly grow?

The beginning of my business journey was probably similar to where you find yourself now; I was worried about charging, worried I would never 'really' make it and the worst part was when things were going great I would panic that I wouldn't sustain it and guess what I didn't...! I used to worry that all this 'getting what you want' was just a pipe dream and unspiritual and I just couldn't decide if money was spiritual or not, I was scared it wasn't and that maybe struggle had to be part of life if you wanted to be in service! 


"You see it is the most talented and compassionate of souls, with world changing purposes and a strong desire to serve and contribute, are the ones who find their ambition and path to success clouded by their money story."

My name is Sarupa Shah and I have been a business coach, spiritual teacher & mentor and money healer for almost 14 years, empowering significant, life changing and powerful results for my clients.

I know when you transform your money story you change your world!

I want to share with you too, how to easily align with abundance and heal money patterns!

Your invitation to money healing...

Money Healing is about YOU connecting with abundance in the 'bigger' sense. Think about this in your business or career, when you feel like you have an off relationship with money...does this happen...

  • Clients and other opportunities aren't plentiful....
  • You're consumed with fear about your 'needs' being met and life is generally very stressful.
  • Fun is in short supply, even loving relationships can suffer as does love for self...! 
  • You feel like you have to shrink and give up your dreams and passion and make-do!

If you want to change your money story...then the Heal Your Money Patterns Bootcamp is for you!!! It is essential if you want to...

  • If you want to earn more while serving more...just imagine earning in one month what you earned in a year...well that is 100% possible!
  • heart
    Charge and earn your value...your real SOUL value...which is unlimited!
  • Go beyond mindset as your mind isn't where your Soul is after all!Element
  • Dissolve fears around money so you move from can't to CAN DO!
  • heart
    Create a life & business where you thrive!
  • heart
    Change your money story, take it to it's next level and expand your service!

"Women are rewriting the rules for business success, making money, and changing the world."  Ali Brown

Are you rewriting your own rules?

​When you heal your money story - you tap into your true SOUL power.

Opportunities that were once dreams start to flow.

Money Miracles happen.

Absolutely everything changes because you claim more of your wholeness.

It really is magical and I have made it my mission to hold this space for more people to experience this Money Metamorphosis.

I have witnessed this over and over with my clients who step into money work, their life, including love life, and business take off into stratospheric directions, and what was thought of as impossible, hopefully one day becomes the every day way and service and contribution becomes a way of being

  • Powerful processes, shared over 5 sessions (delivered online and recorded for you to keep forever and if you happen to miss a session you don't miss out - brilliant hey!!!) where you re-write your money story getting over the fears around money, charging and being wealthy. You deserve it and as someone who is committed to service and changing the world! It's time to stop the - want to be heard and not seen, want to change the world on a shoestring ... it isn't inspirational!
  • As you experience your 'Money Metamorphosis' and expansion, you will anchor your purpose more fully and learn how to hold your energy to manifest all that you wish to create more easily and effortlessly and from a place of greater alignment to abundance.  No more apologising for bold plans and being successful!
  • You will discover your hidden money patterns that have limited your money story and learn how to expect and create money miracles.
  • Your intuition and soul connection will deepen as money is a spiritual self-reflection and when you understand this one aspect a whole new world of money opens up to you, it is the one thing that creates the platform for change in everything.
  • Discover a deeper and more powerful magic to money affirmations, yes they are magic wands, however without knowing the magic they are just empty words that can often keep you stuck in what you don't want!
  • Receive practical and intuitive guidance from me. I care deeply about this work and know the significance it has for your journey, so you get my input into your uniqueness as well as receiving money breakthroughs from listening to others and their journey.