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Spirituality has become so fashionable. 

It would appear the prerequisite to Heart Centered or Spiritual business owners is the label. However of course it is more than that and yet it has become that – a label. In a world where it isn’t so much about Gucci as it is about vibes and your title, I mean intuitive law of attraction magnetism manifesting alchemy coach…yah yah daaaaaaaah-ling.

When something is fashionable it is always about the ego.

The unconscious belief is Spirituality can’t be used in business or for money and it is just for personal development. And yet the aspiration for Spiritual Growth is real. As a consequence there runs this fear based theme which is about proving how Spiritual and enlightened one is just because one can think and read…as the competitive edge and self-judgment of not enough and not connected manifests as I am already complete and know all I need to know. This is also a Spiritual Term that is misused and misappropriated as a way to say I think therefore I am all that I think and there’s a lot of illusion in thinking….!

People are more likely to follow a template for social media posting, and focus on posting in every group and other business templates then they are a Spiritual processes. What’s even weirder is that those selling these templates have somehow made them appear as super conscious enlightened business processes that lead you to spiritual nirvana mastery or whatever – emperor with no clothes springs to mind and the illusion is so fed; few want to say hang on a minute why is showing up in a Facebook group a reflection of my spiritual power – it isn’t and if Spiritual Development was a thing people would understand energy more than the fashion of it!!

Where’s the Spiritual development?

If you aren’t committed to Spiritual Growth and you are adorned in labels that claim you to be the highest vibration and some New Age Spiritual Master on earth (yup people are saying they know more than Spirit) then here’s news… you aren’t consciously walking a Spiritual Path.

If it is all about what you can put in your sales page, and use in sales conversations –people are taught by well-read and rehearsed coaches to do sales calls to say if you don’t say yes what are you attracting…!! The thing is the law of attraction is real, however to use it subversively to create an inadequate energy and instil fear, is just off to put it mildly. This happens because Spirituality is being used as a marketing tool and business technique – and where’s the heart and soul in that?

When you walk, consciously walk a Spiritual path you grow on purpose and commit to Spiritual growth without assumption.

Walking a Spiritual path is about putting your heart where your money is and allowing your heart to lead your success and service and that comes with addressing energy and commitment to Spiritual growth which is so much more than a label or an idea.

What about you? How committed are you to Spiritual growth or do you fall into the category of you’ve read a book and done a workshop once and know all there is to know and are all you ever will be already? 

Sarupa Shah


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