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Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone who had done my 31 Day Money Affirmation Challenge and he had a suggestion to change the challenge to Monday – Friday only.

I had a Simon Cowell moment. I laughed and was clear that that would be a NO from me. Got me pondering though, I do know that people have weekends for everything except their real personal Spiritual development time. It is a weekend they say, time off I hear! 

This is the challenge that Heart Centered & Conscious type of seekers are creating –part time on the Spiritual path – where the illusion is that there is a 24:7 commitment. It becomes a case of on and then off and then on again. Consistency isn’t present, growth is interrupted, old habits get re-established with a stronghold and progress is reversed or at best plateaued. You can’t go beyond.

It’s like a journey where you pull over, wait a few days and leave your map where you stopped and when you start driving again, wonder, where is it I am going and how do I get there…like groundhog day except you have a memory of what could have been!

Being ‘seen’ as Spiritual in business, or how much you ‘know’ is part of that part time dynamic. It is born from the need to prove to yourself that your part time method is giving you Divine dividends and the less than 100% commitment is working.

The ‘seen as Spiritual’ doesn’t apply when it comes to money for most. It might in very limited ways, however in the main Spiritual solutions aren’t sought or implemented as stress, panic and fear feel more enlivening and are habitual in any case. And to say no to self and act unabundantly and fearfully, as in let your emotions and mind rule just serves to make you feel relieved that you are a part-timer. As…and this is a biggie…an underlying belief is…maybe Spiritual stuff is baloney, so good to not be 100% committed anyway. Well that is how the energy can appear.

Then comes the idea that to prove that you are 100% part-time and still being full-time is that you have to DO vegan, veggie or raw and fight against a certain political party to prove your level of consciousness and Spiritual clout and gently and with soft words masked to be about do I say, judge those who don’t share the same opinion as you as less than you and perhaps less evolved.

Where’s the Spirit in that?

Then comes this weekend thing or after 9-5 hours; the rest of life. Relationships, friends, family and so on. If there is a challenge in any of these areas the approach is led by the head and the emotions. Even when they mask themselves to appear as the Soul and one indication of that is when you are given insights where you are the victor or the victim.

Weekends are often defended as ‘me time’ as in I will not meditate or give my Soul or Spirit a connection as the me I want to feed is my personality. The practice of Spiritual growth apparently requires time off and is something to ‘do’ when you choose.

I remember when I was at a Spiritual Retreat once and we were near the end and the question we were asked was what next when you go home, what will your challenge be? As life is always a challenge. If it isn’t then you have stopped growing and note, challenge isn’t code for struggle unless you want it to be.

It was really interesting to hear the answers that were being given and the stark realisation that during the retreat it was oh yeah, super easy to stay aligned, accountable to self and connected to Soul & Spirit and applying the teaching. It was when you get back to your day to day life that it all goes awry as suddenly you stop seeing the significance and start to fall back into the illusion of appearance.

On the way home from that retreat I was at the airport, wanting to change my flight to an earlier one as we had got back to the airport super early, I was almost about to pay and make the next flight instead of waiting for 6 hours at the airport. The woman doing the booking couldn’t find the flight code or something that seemed so ‘everyday’ to me and in the flight closed. The automatic reaction be cross and then I remembered that question. Am I only Spiritual when I ‘take time out’ of everyday life; in cocoon of a retreat…in which case I may as well forget everything as if you can’t be 24:7 then you aren’t being you are doing.

And of course 24:7 commitment is a journey however if you aren’t able to see that you are actually impeding your growth and have a commitment opportunity how are you going to make a choice and decide to change it?

Over the years in my work as a coach, mentor, workshop leader – I have heard a lot – and seen people defend their ‘why it is impossible’ pretty strongly. If only they made the same passionate defence for why they can even if logic and emotions are telling them otherwise. As intuition is far more exciting and expanding to live from and to resolve life’s challenges with. In fact it is a no brainer and the real fearless choice; the ultimate path of service!

If 5 minutes or 30 minutes a day to connect, align and perhaps do an exercise and I am not talking sit in meditation to see fabulous colours and get some astral high, or create a to-do-list and call it meditation either…just if that 5 minutes is too much…you may like to ask yourself if you are truly whole heartedly committed? If your boundary is always about why you can’t walk your truth 24:7 that is your opportunity for growth as address that and become the potential you were born with and change the world as you change yourself.

Being committed full time doesn’t mean that you have to be working 24:7, nor does it mean that there is some ‘Spiritual Square Pants template!’

This is about WHO YOU BE and the commitment you have made to Claim your Light. If that is stop/start, then you cover the Light or cracks of Light that were appearing, back with excuses, stories and habits that push your Soul & Spirit away and give the keys to your journey back to the mental and emotional body who won’t ever say hang on a minute shall we let the Soul in…or Spirit? That takes a choice and if the choice is part time and the habit when things hit the proverbial or when challenges appear your first line of defence is born from the head or emotions; then it might be time to own the fact that you are part time when it comes to Claiming your Light and walking your path.

Having that penny jar (and it was a jar!) drop on my head metaphorically, was a moment of enlightenment and even then that wasn’t just it, I had to then live in alignment with being the true and magnificent me 24:7.  I had to walk my talk as otherwise I wouldn’t be standing in integrity or being authentic. The shift comes when you move from doing and into being and Claim your Light 24:7. Some of it is easier than in other areas, because the old habit of turning your back to Spiritual guidance and process has been so entrenched, not because it is hard in itself, just the head and emotions have led you to believe it is and you automatically let them rule.

The move to 24:7 will be piece by piece as Claiming the Light is a journey to make and not a demand to make. However it is a journey well worth making especially if the aspiration has and is to fulfil your Spiritual Service.

Over to you

If you want a Spiritual Mentor to empower your journey, let’s have a chat. Click here and get booked in. Your Spiritual Service is a 24:7 because it is based on who you BE not what you do. If your purpose is to be fulfilled and you are to let go of the fears, habits and patterns that have created the safety of part time and to drop the defence of why not, is ready to dissolve then this is your mission, to become 24:7.

You just have to want to be 24:7. As then that will be bliss.

Sarupa Shah


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