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We are coming to the end of the manifestation series for 2018. This series has been about moving you beyond the logical and linear approach to manifesting and really stepping into the energy behind manifesting. And today I am excited to be sharing a Manifestation Meditation with you!

Energy work is where it is all at, it begins and ends with energy and I suspect as someone reading this article that is certainly an aspiration and choice that you make for yourself too.

In this series I have focussed on the elements  – Fire, Water, Air and Earth and how they co-exist when it comes to manifesting. Manifesting is such an everyday spiritual and life activity, and there is a natural cycle and rhythm to it. This gets lost in the ‘buzz’ and ‘holy grail’ manifesting approach which has become overly focussed on ‘material stuff and proof of material success.’ Whereas manifesting as an everyday occurrence actually makes the process of manifesting your Soul Purpose and all the goodness and growth that goes with it a whole lot easier.

Energy work is key which is why meditation is and it does allow shortcuts where they are possible. It’s the difference between using a hanky and going on all fours to mop a living room floor or a while standing mop, they both do the job, just one is far quicker – the shortcut

This is a  slightly longer than usual meditation I share on my blog, it lasts for just under 20 minutes so you will have to be sure you give yourself the gift of using it. It really is going to assist you in moving forward with how you manifest.

If you want to purchase a copy for download you can here for only £10 (plus VAT) (approx US $ 14) and that way you can listen to it and add it to your library of Spiritual Tools. You can of course come back to listen to it here and I advise you use this meditation regularly!

Listen to the Manifestation Meditation 

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