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Someone asked me the other day on Facebook what the difference between spiritual and heart centered was.

I thought I would bring that answer here because my focus is very much heart centered and I will tell you why!

Over on this article I explore the concept of a spiritual business and business owner in more detail.

Spirituality is everything and everything is spiritual. Many people have mistakenly taken spiritual to mean a certain way of life and a certain higher consciousness. It cannot be so because our universe is spiritual, bound by divine law and everything within it is spiritual. hearts paper

So where does being heart centered fit in?

Keeping it really simply here, in our spiritual universe that we are all part of everything whether we agree, like or dislike is spiritual, because spiritual doesn’t make a point of making anything right or wrong. Within this universe everything and everyone is spiritual. You get those who work in a bank, some who work in a school and some probably like you who have their own business. None is more or less spiritual than the other.

It is a choice as a way of life.

(I know many think the end goal for mankind is that everyone is some Internet marketing entrepreneur…what a dull and boring thought!!!!)

It can be so easy to get caught up in whose way of life is better, or who is worse off because they don’t believe in the same as you or pursue the same way of living. That is shadow energy.

Like the diversity within the world there is a faction that cuts across geographical boundaries, cultures, sex and other divisions that have been created for whatever purpose, and are either learning or operating in a heart centered way.

The heart is the seat of the soul. It is the bridge between spirit and matter.

It is where true intuition is heard.

It is a choice to live this way as much as it may be a soul calling however many chose to avoid their soul calling because the idea of it is too painful, and the distraction of I can’t because I am not well, I am not good enough, I don’t know enough, I have other responsibilities that mean I cannot put me first are just given in to whatever the soul calling.

  • Being heart centered is first a choice, whereas spirituality isn’t a choice it simply is.
  • The choice comes when it is a calling and path that your soul has chosen as a potential for you in this life. You cannot be spiritual because you already are.

Additionally being heart centered is literal. Coming from the heart AKA Soul. Not emotional or mental body. This means not seeking the answers from your gut and instead seeking to learn how to truly listen to your Soul.

As the word Soul has been bandied about as if the mere naming of it makes it appear, there is a half-hearted approach to really learning how to work it. It is often interchanged with the gut too– however the Soul only speaks through the heart. It is like learning a new language. I am not fluent in German and if I went to Germany I would have to learn even the most basic of words as well as carry on improving.

Learning to connect to the soul and listening to it is just like that, takes an on purpose, and conscious effort.

It’s a new habit. It’s a new pattern. It isn’t for everyone. That is a choice and even if it is your calling to operate from your heart center you can choose not to. If you do then your soul will take you on a different path until such time you are ready to embrace this choice again.

In the end that is the place where mankind is heading. How long it takes is not the question. Who goes first isn’t the issue. There will always be those who lead and inspire, yet when you are heart centered you get that and you get that you are here to lead and inspire you.

Will you?

In celebration of my recent new launch – Feeding Your Soul Community, I have created a created a Heart Centered Connection Process.

No need to sign up to receive it –it is my gift to you. New launch, 1st day of spring for me, so there is a lot to celebrate and be grateful for.

Please do leave me a comment on how you find the Heart Centered Connection Process and share your thoughts on this topic too. Of course share this post to and let others know.

Sarupa Shah

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