Business Manifestation with the element of Fire and Water

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Welcome to article 3 in the *2018 Manifestation Series* here at The Soul Agency.

Let’s get honest, manifestation is kind of everything if you believe we create our own reality. And I can hear a but…there is always a but when it comes to the idea of creating our own reality. 99% of those who walk a Heart Centered Path aren’t quite willing or ready to step into that power of responsibility as (a) they don’t fully believe it and (b) see the responsibility as a burden!  This results in excuses, stories, conditions and this idea that life is much harder than it actually could be!

However, it is true we manifest all the time as much as we attract, both the Law of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction work 24/7 in tandem. And that doesn’t mean if we manifest a doozy we have done something wrong or there is something wrong with us, it means there is something for us to learn and there is always that wild card at play – Karma and Soul Plan! Some things are destined to go off at certain points in life as part of life’s learning – you can’t cheat your Soul Contract!

Now one of the good things that is equally a pitfall of manifesting is the process that people use. Now I have a manifestation process I teach with, so I am definitely not anti them, however the process has become more important than the energy behind manifesting. And given that you can take a process from a book, it has become a ‘mental’ and linear exercise and that has no Heart or Soul in it.

Plus whatever the process someone follows, there isn’t always the discipline to follow it…adhoc, remember when you can becomes the way pretty easily!

In this series I want to give you that different perspective so you can get beyond your process and enliven it at the same time, while understanding the energy and the harmony that occurs in all and any creation.

In the last article, which you can check out here, I introduced the 4 elements and how they operate in the manifestation process. Today I want to take a deeper dive into Fire and Water.

The FIRE of Business Manifesting!

Fire – the spark of light, the moment of inspiration and intuition is where your idea for whatever it is you are manifesting is born from. Being inspired not just by things outside of you, also by yourself and within you is an essential part of manifesting your dream business. I am sure you have done this, I have where you offer the same thing again and again & in the same way without success, as you feel it has become a battle to prove to yourself you can  – you don’t feel inspired and you can bet your community aren’t inspired neither!

One of the best ways to inspire yourself is to meditate, and in that silence so not a visualisation, you your Soul Intuition and guidance can connect with you (notice the nuance they connect with you!). And given that your Soul is connected to your Higher Self that is connected to Source, you can see how through intuition, inspiration can be the most powerful!

Even when that inspiration hits you while washing up or driving or wherever, instead of running with it as a fixed idea that you have to interpret and build on, I suggest go and meditate and allow yourself to connect to the fire and the silence and let your Soul and Higher Self impress their inspiration to you.

This approach also stops your head kicking in with the how to make it happen (and the why it can’t happen) and stops your emotions from trying to take over too! Both the mental and emotional body are part of the manifesting journey, it’s just better when the energy for what you are creating is strongly anchored and the spark has turn into a flame, like a light that guides you!

Of course when Fire is off balance, there can be a lot of flitting and ‘going off plan’ and distraction. I see it often in the Heart Centered Community where the end goal for some is to show how creative they are with their ideas, however there is no foundation or substance as it is too much Fire which in the end burns and destroys!

The WATER of Business Manifesting…

Next comes water, the emotional body is an initiating part of us when it comes to manifesting and creating. It can be full to the brim with enthusiasm, motivation or the opposite. You know that feeling you get in the gut like butterflies, it feels exciting or it can feel anxiety inducing, that all comes from your emotional body. It can change its direction in less than a blink of an eye.

One thing that I recently learned with the emotional body is to talk to it and let it know your plans and what better than when you have really stoked the fire?

Water is about movement and it is often seen as gentle and yet equal in power to Fire, no element is less or more than the other, which is why they are all significant. Representing the emotional body which likes movement and is also sensitive, sometimes overly and where the fear and memory of fear, so past experiences when ‘things’ didn’t work are held in the store of the emotional body and can be carried around through the element of water!

A way to work with this and we all have ‘stuff’ for resolve, we all have fears, doubts and uncertainties, we all have emotions – it is what we do as a consequence that will influence the outcome – you either let the water metaphorically carry you in its own current and drown you, or you create the flow for the water.

This is where visualisation as a manifesting tool comes in as your emotional body wants to be included so letting it know where you are going through regular visualising will support it to support you. Think of a body of water it needs to be able to move and have a path way for movement otherwise there’s going to be some dam that bursts and that is destructive!

A piece that people miss out is when those butterflies of doubt, uncertainty, fear crop up as manifestation  – the art of creation is about aligning and being your Soul Plan which means you step out of comfort zones. It means you may have to do things you have never done before, spend money, be seen and visible – things that have a propensity to create an emotional reaction, excuse and story. What happens to most people at this point is that they fall into the trap of their emotions and let the story and excuses that are well rehearsed be the loudest. Even in trying to pretend they aren’t there, they become the loudest and take over”

Water like emotions is constantly moving so when you are ‘addressing’ emotions that aren’t serving you and indulging you to stop, stay small, be fearful then you will find staying on plan easier than not and your manifesting journey unfolds more smoothly!

Which element do you feel you more connected to? How are you going to work with both Fire and Water in balance when it comes to manifesting? Why not share your comments and questions below….and don’t forget next week we are going to be looking in more depth at Air and Earth aspects of manifesting!

Sarupa Shah


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