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The question about why money blocks come back or seem to come back is the one I get asked over and over, so I decided to do a video about it.

Money blocks are the your fears about money, whether that is about ever earning to thrive, or losing all your money or anything related. Your Money Blocks are also your stories that prop up the theory that abundance might not real or true for you. These are the things you may have picked up from your childhood, your life experience and general mass consciousness fears that making money is hard, They are the kind of stories that limit and make your ability to experience financial abundance conditional and limited. They keep you in lack!

Put it another way, your Money Blocks are what stops your money flow being set at thriving and easy. It’s a case of self-sabotage.

We all have a money story, and we all have money blocks which come up when it is time for you to address them. Many people believe and fear money blocks are a sign of your own failure, so another layer or few are added to the already present money blocks. They are just part of your journey and on occasion a kink in your  road, like a self-inflicted pain.

Now when you do money healing work, like we do on the Heal Your Money Patterns Bootcamp, you address this ‘inner junk’ … and something that doesn’t get talked about much is what to do when you feel like your money blocks are coming back and why would they?

In this video I share 3 of the TOP reasons why they ‘seem’ to come back and what you can do about it.

Money Healing and staying aligned to abundance is an ongoing journey, the mind says you did a money meditation last week twice, so you must be healed for ever. That is like saying you brushed your teeth twice in your life and you then say your teeth need no care and attention, ever again! Sounds silly, right?

While ever you are alive, your journey if you choose is to grow and share your light and purpose, and one of the key steps for this is to address your Inner World ‘gunk’ and clutter than blocks your light. When your light is dimmed by your blocks, it impacts on your abundance!

It’s not a sign of failure, or you being wrong. Growth is the journey of life and when you go into your Inner World from the perspective of your Money Blocks – you can easily make huge and sustained transformation.

Have a watch of the video, leave me a comment and do let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the link for my Heal Your Money Patterns Bootcamp. Check it out and let get yourself signed up for some money healing!

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