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10 ways to power up you 2019 Vision Board

Vision Boards are a really powerful personal development tool and this time of year it all kind of explodes. And yet they are a spiritual development tool not so much a personal development tool. There is a difference, not just in language but in energy too. They became all about the personal and material when […]

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Advance techniques to make your vision board work!

Vision Boards are popular and accepted tools. They even get a mention in the brilliant Netflix show Ozark.  Vision Boards are a rite of passage for those who begin a journey to the Universe’s mysteries, and a much loved tool. The reality is most don’t know how they work which means they don’t know how […]

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Money vision boards – made easy!

You have heard of vision boards, right? If not where have you been…?  Vision boards are ‘visual representations’ of how we want our life to be, expand, transform etc.  A little bit like a collage you may have made at school but of course a totally different energy to what you were doing back then. […]

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Are you own business rules ‘killing’ your business?

If you are reading this blog then you will know that I am someone who bridges spirituality and material worlds together. Bringing these two worlds together as the truth is they aren’t separate as everything is spiritual anyway. By everything, I mean everything. Maybe you see yourself as one of the ‘new age’ businesses, who […]

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Is your business vision board gathering dust?

Do you love the ritual of creating vision boards? Most conscious and heart centred business owners see it as an essential part of their ritual and as the end of year approaches it won’t be long before the card is purchased and the magazines collected! Vision boards are made of dreams and desires. Seen as […]

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Is planning a dirty word…?

Heart centred, conscious, healer types have a funny relationship with planning. Over and over I hear planning is last paradigm, it’s not feminine or it stops me being in flow…! I even had a coach who whose way was to coach you so you were always on the edge of your seat, any mention of […]

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