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3 Reasons You Aren’t Fulfilling Your Soul Purpose!

As a heart centered and spiritual business owner, the term Soul Purpose is significant. It is an aspiration and for some a definition of their business. It’s also very topical and exciting too! What is your Soul Purpose? Your Soul Purpose is your Soul’s chosen journey. It is it’s potential and contract for this life. […]

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How to discover your Soul Purpose…

It’s a biggie and an intro to a new theme for this month – Soul Purpose. Your Soul Purpose is your Soul’s journey for this life. It is about you as a being not as someone who does. This is an important distinction. The search for validation of ones Soul Purpose has become a validation […]

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Do You Unknowingly Deny Your Light?

This isn’t an easy blog post to write. When you tackle the deepest depths of mass consciousness, the parts that people want to literally deny exist (and no play on words intended), the parts that are buried so deep, the resistance is strong.  When you stand in denial you block your light. Yet for most […]

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Why the law of attraction doesn’t work…

On a recent trip to California and Hawaii I was pondering on my incredible manifestation abilities. Manifestation has never been a big issue for me, even when I didn’t call it as such. I remember when I was in high school my tutor let me read my school report before it was sent to my […]

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I wish I was a billionaire…

If you won US $1 million (or more), what would you do? What is that dream or dreams that you would live…? How would you change the world? What charitable causes would you support? Would you open that healing centre you have always dreamed of? Or would you have that dream holiday that you have […]

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