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Answer these 2 questions to overcome your money blocks

Recently I have been reading in several locations and hearing people say there are no such things as Money Blocks. Now I get why they are saying it. It is purely from a marketing perspective as they want to appear with some secret sauce that at the same time lets you off the hook. As […]

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Why Inner Work Will Lead You To Wealth!

There’s been a big Inne Work explosion in recent years. And by explosion I mean a good one. More and more people are waking up to the realisation that your Inner World is reflected in your outer world. However many stop at mindset and ignore the emotions. Some actually argue that they are the same […]

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7 ways to stop recreating your limiting money story.

I often get asked why people start to feel that they are going backwards with their money story. There is this feeling that financial limitations that had been ‘overcome’ and a new financial chapter based on prosperity was manifesting. And it completely appears to have undone. Comparable to someone pulling a loose thread and pulling it […]

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An exercise to create financial freedom

It seems the perquisite for money expertise is having money or not having it. Weird, right? Yet I have clothes that doesn’t make me a fashion expert or designer, or even clothing store!!! When I read a blog post recently from one of those *new* woke up in the morning money experts, when I read […]

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Uncovering your Hidden Money Story…step 1

7 years I have been offering money healing work. 7 years, they say that is when you get an itch, rest assured I haven’t got an itch and I am not going anywhere. In those 7 years if I got a £1 or a $1 for everyone who said to me, oh no I don’t […]

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Case Study – why do people choose money healing?

I have been doing money healing work not for nearly 8 years and worked with 1000’s of people. And I decided it was time to dig down and do some research and explore what was the WHY for those who said YES to 121 work, a group programme or a workshop focused on money healing. […]

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How to create a joyful money story!

The topic of money is mostly addressed from a point of not having enough, being stuck and lack consciousness talk. Where’s the joy in that? The online world is full of people who talk about you can’t believe you are worth it, or enough … maybe true words however this focus usually makes the ‘reader’ […]

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