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5 positive thinking tips for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur who decided to go solo rather than be employed? Are you like the majority who feel the heaviness of the economy and remind yourself there is nothing you can do…? Telling yourself instead it is tough out there and you can’t control what goes on out there and what other people do? I […]

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7 Tips to grow your own authenticity

I have been seeing this word ‘authenticity’ pop up all over the place recently. Don’t know about you but when I see that word, I feel like I need to sit up straighter and get more grown up. It’s a word I associate with maturity…which I often confuse with seriousness! I know that is just […]

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Heart centered entrepreneur tip #free #kindle

Just over a week ago I was challenged by one of my coaches to create a Kindle book! In less than a week I met that challenge and I am ecstatic (I really am!) to announce my latest Kindle book: Heart Centered Entrepreneur Tips: One Tip for each day! In this eBook, I go into what […]

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The great pricing illusion!

Pricing and money as a heart centered or non-heart centered business owner is one of the stickiest of subjects. In fact let’s face it in life, money is one of those things that we love to hate and hate to love for the most part. Wouldn’t you agree? There is of course a big part […]

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Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, let’s make a plan!

If you are a regular here it won’t be news to you that I am all about the ‘plan!’ Seems like the fashion however for heart centered entrepreneur’s is to not plan! Don’t get me wrong at the end of a year or the beginning it is all about the ‘plan’ and the goals and intentions […]

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Heart Centered Entrepreneur’s do the energy work first!

This is article no. 3 in the Heart Centred Entrepreneur series. In this article we look at the principle that everything starts in energy first. The big question is how can you utilise this in your business more? It’s not a new concept to understand that in order to manifest something or create something, it […]

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5 money mistakes of a heart centred business owner

Setting the scene…: what is a heart centred business owner? This has become a bit of fashionable term. I know what I mean by it but I am not sure I will use it the same as someone else. Similar for sure, but still it means something different to each marketer using it. Increasingly internet […]

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