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Universal truths for heart centered entrepreneur #LoA [video]

Welcome to my new series where I share universal truths for heart centered entrepreneurs. When you understand universal truth your life changes.Everything changes. If in business you feel full up with knowledge but when you look around at your life you find you are collective evidence for struggle and hardship then it is time to […]

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A heart centered entrepreneurs guide to pricing! [video]

Pricing is something that most heart centered entrepreneurs find tricky. What do you charge? Is it okay to want to charge a certain amount…? Even when that dilemma of what to charge appears resolved, when the time comes to talk to a potential clients, when it comes to sharing what you charge that can be […]

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How to make your money affirmation work!

In this 1st ‘selfie’ of 2014 I am talking about money and affirmations! It is still the season of making plans and thinking big yet it won’t be long where for the majority of people the energy of living the dream disappears and struggle returns. To help you I want to share with you how […]

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Do you make these 5 transformation mistakes?

New Year, new start, big plans. It’s going to be different to next year…better, that’s the hope. Even without the resolutions as they are so old paradigm and most of us know and have experienced that New Year promises and intentions are so easily doomed. Big plans, big visions, out with the old and in […]

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The truth about living the dream…

If you want to learn how to live the dream then you are really talking about manifestation and creating your own reality. While we are ALL creating out own reality at all times, to live the dream(s) it is about conscious creation. In this longer than usual selfie video, I share three tips on how you […]

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33 Heart Centered Business Tips 2014

Happy New Year! It’s here we waited a whole year but 2014 is truly here. Whatever 2013 had it has gone and now it is all about 2014! I approached some of the world’s greatest and inspiring business women, who have a certain heart centered quality and are leading the shift for women and men […]

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Finally, the secrets to living in JOY are revealed!

In this third and final Christmas 2013 ‘selfie’ video I reveal how you can connect to the energy of is an inner gift from the universe! Watch this video to learn how to claim JOY in your life! Would love to know what you thought and how you are going to invite your life […]

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