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The illusions of the Heart Centered Entrepreneur. (Pt1)

In my line of business as a Soul Agent I meet people who are all about ‘energy’. Nothing more and nothing else. Text book New Agers. Waxing lyrical about affirmations, and law of attraction and miracles and other such stuff. Often reading verbatim from books as if they had written the things themselves. Reciting a […]

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Your January Heart Centered Business Journal [download]

I know it isn’t the beginning of the month however here is your January Heart Centered Business Journal. It is free to get your hands on and you will love it I know. (And what you don’t know is the first Heart Centered Business Journal was created in February 2014 and one thing and another meant […]

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The Heart Centered truth about integrity

You must have heard of the saying that refers to someone protesting too much? Well that is what happens when I hear integrity used as a self description more than once in any conversation, often once is too much. People claim ‘it’ as a standard to their life and business. I am so full of integrity…I […]

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7 ways to connect with your soul

As a heart centered and conscious business owner no doubt the word ‘soul’ crops up a lot. It does in religion too. The SOUL it seems is universally accepted unlike most things. Although how to access it isn’t and most of the time when people appear to be connect to their soul it is in […]

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A heart centered entrepreneur’s guide to marketing.

This is a huge subject area however it is really simple, be you. Be authentic and don’t copy someone else’s way as they are not you. Be intuitive and let that shape the push and pull energy you need in marketing. What is marketing? Marketing is an integral part of business, a cog in the […]

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3 things that stop you being a Heart Centered Entrepreneur

A label is like a badge. Anyone can wear one but whether you align to being what that label in all its essence encompasses is a truly different thing. Long before every feminine led business coach come therapist took on heart centered as their domain I was using this term with conscious entrepreneur and both […]

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How to find the uniqueness of your business [video]

Everyone is unique. It is coded in your soul. When you have business in your life and soul purpose, you also have success hard wired in you. I have shared previously about how a Heart Centered and Conscious Entrepreneur is a specific archetype who has a collective role to bridge spirit and matter. This of […]

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