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5 Top Heart Centered Business Success Trends for 2019

The biggest Heart Centered and Spiritual Business Success trends for 2019 are IN!!! This is what the truly aspiring, committed and willing to be Heart Centered Business owner will be all over in 2019!  If you haven’t already got on board with these trends yet, or have been of the belief that real deep Spirituality […]

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What feel the fear and do it anyway means …

If there was an Oscars for most used and loved quotes. The one made famous by Wayne Dyer. Originating from Susan Jeffers: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. Would be up there in the hall of quotes fame. It already has legendary status!   Well used. Well loved.   But is it understood?   […]

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Why you can’t be soul based and procrastinate too!

Procrastination is a 100% a personality thing and overcoming procrastination is hugely desirable as the negative impact of procrastination is well understood and probably experienced by you firsthand! There are some who believe it is a positive thing, and while there is a *specific* potential for this, the positive thing is mostly misunderstood as an […]

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11 Heart Centered Facebook Live Tips

I am SO super excited. This week I held my very first Facebook LIVE event. Not sure if it is an event, though it felt like one. In my own morning meditation I got a nudge to offer a Facebook Live meditation later that day. It had been rumbling to add to my mix for […]

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15 signs that your soul isn’t leading your business!

I am always fascinated when people say honour your emotions rather than listen for your soul, especially when the people listening and telling are those who profess to be soul led business owners, often Heart Centered Business owners who aspire to have a soul business. The script being pretty much; cry as much as you […]

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[free meditation] How to be Heart Centered in all you do!

Someone asked me the other day on Facebook what the difference between spiritual and heart centered was. I thought I would bring that answer here because my focus is very much heart centered and I will tell you why! Over on this article I explore the concept of a spiritual business and business owner in more […]

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The heart centered rules for copywriting!

I always had a writing passion from when I was a young girl. We were never taught about grammar as it was out of fashion for those years so it never featured in my life. I always thought I was a good writer. Creative, engaging and mostly because I loved writing during my school years. […]

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How to access your heart wisdom [video]

Are you heart centered? Do you believe in a heart revolution? The New Era is about the energy of the heart after all. Do you however let your gut be the voice of your intuition? Is that where you feel you hear your intuition the most? I am challenging the status quo and inviting you […]

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