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How to change your beliefs…just do it! [infographic]

This the final part of the manifestation series. I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. People often ask me about how to change their beliefs, the ones that are either do not serve them or ones that are no longer serving them. They are both […]

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How to have a heart centered sales conversation!

I want to share a infographic today. A lot of heart centered and conscious entrepreneurs panic about selling and make up a whole raft of illusions about it. I want to tell you a secret here, well maybe it is more of an expose….     When you build a business with a foundation, both […]

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Why business affirmations matter!

Affirmations are important tools for creating our own reality! What we see in our lives is based on beliefs which are the energy source for what we affirm. What we affirm is therefore more than the words, it is our actions, thoughts, emotions as well as our words. Of course the spoken affirmation has the […]

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We are what we think, or are we?

Today I welcome Kim Wymer from the Positive Thinking blog. We all have thoughts. sometimes nice ones and sometimes not so nice ones. But the one thing we need to remember is we are where we are, because of our thoughts in the past. Our thoughts become things, what starts off in our mind becomes reality. […]

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How to use your vision board to manifest!

Do you have a vision board? Do you remember creating one maybe towards the end of last year or beginning of this one? Do you know where it is? Gathering dust? Hidden in a cupboard? Maybe it is pinned to your wall and you see it so it must be working, right? Well I have […]

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Why intuition matters!

The other day I had to book flights to Rennes, in France. You would think from London it would be an easy thing to do. I went over to British Airways and they didn’t fly to Rennes or have any alliance with an airline that did. My initial searches netted totally dissatisfactory options. I couldn’t believe from […]

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Why a spiritual coach won’t give you a shortcut…

Until a few years ago all my life whatever I wanted, whatever I desired just happened. I never abused this, but it did just happen not always instantly sometimes after a length of time and never with what was an outward strategy in the old sense of the word. For example I had just started […]

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Why self-care is misleading… [video]

There is a lot of talk about self-care and it got me thinking, so I created a short video about it. I don’t think self-care is relevant and in this video I share why and I share what matters. Would love to know what you think so leave me a comment. This is a very […]

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