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How deep is your money fear? 4 signs to reveal all….

I have been observing over the years through working with my clients and listening and talking with heart centered entrepreneurs about the illusions in their money relationship. Basically entrenching and embedding themselves in fear.  Having a sword of truth as part of my gift and an insight that is intuitive I see through the over […]

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8 ways to claim abundance (& stop waiting) [video]

The other day when doing one of my Facebook drives, you know when you are doing a fast scan on the smart phone, I came across two posts. The gist of the first one that caught my attention was about how much people were charging for the same services that the person writing the post […]

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If you give away your services for free, read this!

Now I am not talking  about  the marketing pink spoon, which is the taster, I mean giving away so much of your  time and services in business that you are just busy busy not getting paid. Going beyond the odd webinar or tele-summit and just opening the doors to your services and saying here ya have it […]

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 Why money isn’t your issue…

I know your bank balance may tell you different. The lack of clients in your business may tell you that you are really up the creek without a paddle. The cost of the investment you want to make is just not something you can justify or believe you have the means for or that the means […]

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March Heart Centered Business Journal [#money one]

As February draws to a close, and you may say thankfully. It’s been a month to really tease out old patterns and learning how to stand in the light of who YOU really are not the illusions you have carried about not being good enough about blaming others or letting emotions drive your decisions and […]

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The definition of success! [free exercise]

Over the years in coaching people in business the knotty issue of ‘success’ comes up. I call it knotty because when I ask someone what would make you know you have been successful, there is often a pause and then a few I don’t know and then something around money and number of clients however […]

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February Heart Centered Business Journal [download free]

It’s here…February’s Heart Centered Business Journal. The theme for February is love, vision & manifestation. If you are looking to grab a support tool for this month and then get every month in 2015 freely delivered to your inbox then SIGN UP below. (If you are already a member of The Soul Agency or signed […]

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