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Why you aren’t attracting your ideal client!

When we first start in our heart centered business, it is pretty special. It might not stay that way for too long as reality hits soon. If you have no ideal clients, then you have no business. That also means you have no money and before you know it you have that long-term visit or […]

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[video] Heart Centered ideal client blue print

For most heart centered or spiritual business owners business often becomes a dirty word! So the processes that are practical and enhancing are rejected, like building the foundations and doing ideal client work!!! The wave of feminine business owners and goddess energy stuff also supports this view that women will rise and create a new […]

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How to attract clients in the New Era

A business without customers is not really a business. Attracting clients is something that is often aspirational for Heart Centered Business owners because we all know the law of attraction and about manifestation and believe in it, whether it works for us consistently or not! I don’t know anyone who truly feels happy when they […]

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How to make your money affirmation work!

In this 1st ‘selfie’ of 2014 I am talking about money and affirmations! It is still the season of making plans and thinking big yet it won’t be long where for the majority of people the energy of living the dream disappears and struggle returns. To help you I want to share with you how […]

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Why is selling such a dirty word?

At a recent networking event when the question of selling came up, both the woman running the event and me as a participant piped up about if you don’t sell you don’t have a business. I don’t think I am mistaken but if a business isn’t making any money it isn’t a business. If a […]

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What is abundance…part 1?

Abundance. Abundance. A-bun-dance! A funny word that lights up people and makes them gasp at the same time too and sit intently and listen, well in your case read. So are you sitting comfortably? You see there is something rather mysterious in how abundance is interpreted and for me this is part of the illusion […]

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