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How to make your money affirmation work!

In this 1st ‘selfie’ of 2014 I am talking about money and affirmations! It is still the season of making plans and thinking big yet it won’t be long where for the majority of people the energy of living the dream disappears and struggle returns. To help you I want to share with you how […]

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The A-Z of affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to help you reach your goals in life and in business. Business affirmations are particularly powerful as they keep your energy focused on what you want to create and not your fears. Create affirmations with a positive mindset and in the present tense. Do you want more clients or more […]

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Heart Centered Entrepreneur Magazine

I am delighted to share my first magazine… Heart Centered Entrepreneur! Read it…share it and if you create your own let me know. Would love to know what you think, so do comment below! Sarupa Shah Click to view Heart Centered Entrepreneur on GLOSSI.COM  

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11 Affirmations for entrepreneurs

It’s not secret that I believe affirmations are magic wands. I see them as powerful tools for transforming ones reality to something that is aligned to the dream and vision. Maybe you love the idea of affirmations. Or you are like the many I speak with, who was introduced to affirmations many years ago, but […]

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3 powerful affirmations for positive thinking!

Are you like the majority of the population, looking for a magic wand to transform your life? Well I have to say I have that magic wand for you right here and it is: affirmations! I want to show you how to make them your magic wand. Affirmations are tools for transformation that are playing […]

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Your guide to making affirmations work…!

One of the most basic tenets of personal and spiritual development is the ‘art of affirmations.’ Even if you aren’t into labelling yourself as New Ager of sorts, the power of positive thinking is hardly a novel  or ‘woo woo’ idea. It makes sense that you would encourage yourself in a way that you might […]

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The Art of Affirmations #free #kindle

I am super excited to share with you that I am making my Kindle book – The Art of Affirmations free for 2 days. Yup you read that right. It’s free for 2 days, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June. I wrote this eBook in 2008 and have since updated it. Affirmations and the concept of creating […]

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3 things you didn’t know about abundance!

Do you believe you create your life with thoughts and words as well as actions? If you are reading this article and love hanging out at this blog site then you will have what I call a spiritual leaning. (Or you may be a new reader in which case…welcome!) Likely you understand how affirmations work […]

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