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Want to manifest, avoid these 3 affirmations…!!!

If you follow this blog, then you will know I have a real love love love for affirmations. I see them as a magic wand…and while I have shifted from my early days of affirmations and developed a deeper understanding of the energy behind and underneath them – most who talk about affirmations are stuck […]

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[video] Powerful money affirmations for abundance and wealth

Affirmations are magic wands. Not because they themselves create results. They make it possible for you to manifest the reality that you are seeking to create. Affirmations mostly work to get that ‘personality’ on board as it is the greatest objector of greatness because it holds the fears and judgments of self. It is the […]

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7 Passion & Purpose killers (and how to avoid them!)

If you have found this article, likely that you know what affirmations are. Quite likely you can wax lyrical about what they are and how they are supposed to work. Though you probably can’t be sure that they have always worked in your life or even do. And probably couldn’t say you know how to […]

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7 tips to create powerful affirmations.

If you have been following this blog you will know I have an unhindered passion for affirmations. Magic wands, as I like to call them. Still however it seems that affirmations are not only misunderstood, they are also underutilised. Who doesn’t want a magic wand that helps them move through struggle and manifest their hearts […]

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Do money affirmations really work?

In this short video I am talking MONEY AFFIRMATIONS! And I am rather chuffed at how I am creating shorter videos, jam packed with content and strictly no fluff! Maybe you like me have wondered and maybe you still do… Can money affirmations really work? How can a money affirmation change your money flow? How […]

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How do I know my affirmations are the right ones? [video]

Affirmations are one of my most favourite spiritual magic making tools. In fact I believe they are like magic wands. Over the years people one of the most frequently asked questions around affirmations is:  how do I know my affirmations are the right ones? Creating affirmations is one of the most joyous experiences and then using […]

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5 affirmations to STOP in 2015!

It’s the New Year and I am going to get straight to the point, yes Happy New Year of course. Here’s to your year being the best ever. Right, back to business. We have a lot to experience in this New Year and it is time to shed those old patterns. Not time for resolutions…we […]

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3 things you didn’t know about affirmations!

I believe affirmations are magic wands. I also know not enough is known about affirmations and that they are underused as spiritual tools. If you desire to make change in your life and business affirmations are a must in my opinion. In fact I often create an affirmation in the morning and something has manifest […]

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