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Why selling is your greatest service [+free meditation]

It is fast become a coined term – ‘selling is a service‘ – great to be trendsetters…however before it becomes the latest in a long line of emperor with no clothes on terms, Michael and I got together to create this training video for you. Now I have to be honest, the video is nearly […]

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How to heal your money story! [video]

In this video I share the number one thing that people forget when it comes to ‘healing their money story.’ Of course this video presumes there is already a commitment and will to do something about raising your money consciousness. If you are more concerned about preserving the fact that you have no money and […]

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Authenticity Workout with +Jenny Kovacs [video]

Welcome to another episode of the authenticity workout where I hang out with some fabulous women and talk authenticity. Today is no different as I had an opportunity to hang out with Jenny Kovacs! In this series we have gone deep and wide and quite literally worked out! If you have missed any episodes you […]

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Why a spiritual coach won’t give you a shortcut…

Until a few years ago all my life whatever I wanted, whatever I desired just happened. I never abused this, but it did just happen not always instantly sometimes after a length of time and never with what was an outward strategy in the old sense of the word. For example I had just started […]

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Why following passions matters when it comes to business…

Do you believe you are doing what you love and can’t understand why the money is not flowing? It’s of course very fashionable to talk about ‘being paid for your passion,’ or ‘do what you love and the money will follow…’ Does that mean if money is not flowing you are not doing what you love […]

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A heart centered entrepreneurs guide to pricing! [video]

Pricing is something that most heart centered entrepreneurs find tricky. What do you charge? Is it okay to want to charge a certain amount…? Even when that dilemma of what to charge appears resolved, when the time comes to talk to a potential clients, when it comes to sharing what you charge that can be […]

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How to make your money affirmation work!

In this 1st ‘selfie’ of 2014 I am talking about money and affirmations! It is still the season of making plans and thinking big yet it won’t be long where for the majority of people the energy of living the dream disappears and struggle returns. To help you I want to share with you how […]

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