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How to change ‘bad’ money habits!

Money habits…we all have them. Some are just picked up and taught though mostly they are habits we create from beliefs and stories we hold and have made up. Like any habit, we can outgrow the need for that habit as it no longer serves us or simply it wasn’t a good habit…a bad habit! […]

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5 tips to get what you WANT in business!

I may just start with the ending in this article – if you don’t want something you won’t get it and if you don’t ask you won’t either. However those two statements without context are misleading. The context I am talking about is the heart and soul. The fact that you are here reading this […]

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How to take a leap of faith [video]

2015 has been a bit of a year. Astrologically it has much going on and energetically it is one of those pivotal years. The message post the recent eclipse in March is are you willing to take a leap of faith? I have been having my own moment of transformation in the last few weeks […]

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1 Minute Money Healing Invitation [video]

Do you look at your life and know that your financial story just isn’t how you dream and desire and know it could be….? Your true value is waiting to be anchored. It is hidden and in this adventure we shall deep dive to your spirit, to the place of your value and step by […]

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Why a manifestation plan is important [video]

What do feel and think when I say the word plan to you? Do you have a manifestation plan? Do you know how to ‘paly’ with manifestation energy to push and pull AKA manipulate energy to support you creating what you want? In this video I reveal to you about manifestation plans and processes and […]

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Why you need to stop negative thinking! [video]

Stopping negative thinking is definitely a way forward yet very few manage this. Not totally and then there is the what to do with all the years of self-torture that negative thinking is in truth. In this video just over 8 minutes I share why you need to stop and share an exercise that you […]

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Heart Centered truth about competition in business!

The word competition and its derivatives are often spurned by Heart Centered Business owners. It is all about collaboration instead. I disagree…of course. I don’t disagree with collaboration however I disagree with it when it is based on imbalance. Where there is no shared given value. This usually happens in women’s business communities by women […]

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Why demanding for free hurts your business!

This is always a hot topic. Most online business folk including me give away content for free, like on this blog, do the odd free webinar and so on and still my inbox and Facebook messaging service has a steady stream of requests from people wanting to know something specific for free! It is kind of epidemic […]

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Business lesson #1 from the Med [video]

I decided it was time for a selfie…! The reason is clear when you watch the video! It’s September and there is a lot of talk about returning to work, going with flows and doing less as more and some of it makes sense and a lot of it is just confusing. What is flow? […]

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