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Secret #7: abundance is your birth right…

This secret is controversial in that it is not generally accepted as a truth; well not if you take a closer look! It’s  one of those statements that can make you think it’s too good to be true therefore it must be untrue! After all how can anything too good to be true be anything […]

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Secret #6: stop delaying your good

If you want to feel good because of money, wealth and prosperity, feel good NOW. Have you ever walked past a shop, seen a dress, pair of shoes or something else you liked which you could have purchased and then said to yourself, ‘no I will wait until I get paid, or I will wait […]

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Secret #3: your inner world impacts on your wealth!

This may sound really obvious but the truth is how much inner work do you do that is really relevant to raising your wealth, money and prosperity consciousness? People often say that being an entrepreneur is like one big personal development journey and it is or at least can be, but first it is a personal revelation journey, the […]

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Secret #2: money abundance is already yours to claim!

This used to get me. Spiritual teaching was always saying and still does say you are born with everything you need. I was also very dubious about the ‘inner’ issue as I thought it was a cop out something those with money said to those without! Just feel abundant that is good enough… well it […]

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