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Why alignment to abundance doesn’t work!

Alignment is a buzzword with its arch enemy being hustle. That is if you were to listen to the online marketing world. The world of social media and funnels. Here at The Soul Agent Blog we talk about alignment in terms of energy and Spirit, where you get to share the light of who you […]

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Do Your Money Blocks Come Back? Watch This …

The question about why money blocks come back or seem to come back is the one I get asked over and over, so I decided to do a video about it. Money blocks are the your fears about money, whether that is about ever earning to thrive, or losing all your money or anything related. Your […]

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21 ways you block your financial abundance

When it comes to financial abundance, creating your own reality understanding seems to go out of the window.   Money does something funny to people.   Money is seen as an external force, despite knowledge on abundance.  There’s a huge fear and stigma about money. Shame, guilt, misunderstanding and an idea that is has some […]

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15 clues that money healing is for you…

One of the greatest challenges the spiritual business community which includes aspiring heart centered business owners face is their relationship with money. It impacts everything. However, taking a purely business perspective, remembering business is essentially about making money as if you aren’t you aren’t in business, a relationship with money that isn’t aligned or aligning […]

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The Insiders Guide to Self-Love

See what I did with the title there? Self-Love is an inside job…isn’t it? Let’s start at the beginning. Self-love is not self-care. Self-care is about taking care of yourself, I get that however that isn’t anything to do with self-love necessarily and certainly not energetically the same. Having a massage. A spa day and […]

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Do money affirmations really work?

In this short video I am talking MONEY AFFIRMATIONS! And I am rather chuffed at how I am creating shorter videos, jam packed with content and strictly no fluff! Maybe you like me have wondered and maybe you still do… Can money affirmations really work? How can a money affirmation change your money flow? How […]

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