Case Study – why do people choose money healing?

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I have been doing money healing work not for nearly 8 years and worked with 1000’s of people. And I decided it was time to dig down and do some research and explore what was the WHY for those who said YES to 121 work, a group programme or a workshop focused on money healing.

It’s been varied with people with hugely different income and wealth levels and what was significant was that the YES came for 88% as soon as a decision was made. They created their path of least resistance, a small minority did a yes, no, yes no, yes no and created resistance and more struggle in their life and they also became the ones who brought that resistance into their work because resistance became their habit. Interesting…I think so because the YES followed by the action to make that YES a real shifts energy in more ways that you can imagine or even really be able to comprehend.

There’s a lot of myths out there about when it is the right time to do money healing as well as how to do it. People who are so ready for it and resisting use the fact that they have no money (and affirmation) to say whey they can’t and argue often for the fact that it ought to be free (lack consciousness). And some believe a book and an affirmation is kind of it. Money healing is deep powerful spiritual work and ongoing, abundance is abundant, right? And money represents your relationship with self which in turn impacts on everything, so it is a thread that brings your being, your purpose, and your service together in alignment wit your value. Magic…sure is!

I have created an inforgraphic (oooo check me) to share the Why Money Healing case study…And categorised and summarised the most significant whys…


As you see there is a an empty square for you. What is your why for money healing, will you follow that why through? (Remember the path of least resistance?)

Do share this case study and if you have a Pinterest account, pin it too and leave me a comment with your WHY…

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