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In the last article I developed the Fire & Water aspects of manifesting. Manifesting starts in energy and to align to what we are wanting (hoping) to manifest always comes down to our inner work first. Actions are of course key, however they are shaped; limited or empowered by what is happening underneath.

Using the elements to approach to manifesting gives you another layer of understanding in what is a already a hugely popular topic. Manifesting is exciting, it brings people to choosing spiritual awakening as the whole idea of nailing how to manifest is so exciting as imagine what becomes possible…!

And yet so much of what is being manifested is unseen energy work. And as that isn’t tangible, measurable or  able to be posted about on social media, it is doubted as real or purposeful.

Manifestation in itself is a large part inner work and this is seen as irrelevant or something to pay lip service to with a said once affirmation or some intense journaling in the middle of the night and then it is all about the stress and worry! This has led to the emphasis being ‘stuff’ – material gain with the ultimate prize being what one can get free.

Manifestation has  very little to do with what one can get free and it isn’t the goal or the purpose of manifestation.

Manifestation is about how you live, breathe and engage with your Soul Plan AKA contract for this life and how you manifest your potential. It is true that sometimes we get freebies – they are gifts or reminders of what we have said we wanted and we are being reminded to give it to ourselves –  a freebie isn’t a reflection of manifesting prowess. If it was it would mean that the end point of human success is to get and give everything for free – and that wouldn’t create balance or harmony and out of the chaos there would have to be another value based exchange. That is what money is…an exchange! This idea about free being a manifesting success remains a core belief and sometimes demand of the Spiritual Communities and beyond as money is still a controversial and misunderstood topic.

Here’s the magic…

When you are working in alignment with your Soul Plan and the Universal forces are collaborating with you as you are with them, that is when it all feels like magic. That is when you can reach those points of I think therefore I am. The heady heights of osmosis…not always as some situations are about growing and challenging old patterns and beliefs that could have been stuck for a long time…lives even! That is when everything feels effortless, easy, even challenges are fun! 

And moving beyond the linear process led manifesting is essential. I see manifesting as a Spiritual Art, something to play with and collaborate with. And the creative process unfolds as your energy and your whole being coming into alignment with All That Is.

Today’s article looks at the Air & Earth of Manifesting.

All 4 elements come together in manifesting and when they are in alignment – that is when Aether – Spirit – Essence – occurs and comes in. You can’t ‘force’ that to happen so the best way to be open to that is to understand how energy works and where you are off balance through your actions, beliefs, fears and so on.

Having had the inspiration of fire and got your emotions activated which is the water element of manifesting, we now turn to Air, the domain of your Mind.

The Air of Business Manifesting…

Emotions engage the mind and this is all about the Air element. If you consider Air it moves. It carries as it blows. It spreads seeds through the air and if it is off balance it can destroy like a hurricane.

This is about aligning your thinking to what you are manifesting and there is a step before that can happen. You have to understand what thoughts impede what you are manifesting, identify them so you can unclaim them and replace them. This is where affirmations are excellent tools as they are ‘mind’ tools. However if you create them and never use them or only the once, it is as good as not having ever created any…except worse as energy always says if you knew and then pretended you didn’t then your lesson to understand why you recreate sabotage is  greater as you have built a greater hurdle to get over your sabotage yourself!

Air like Fire is an initiating energy and masculine and what is really interesting is the whole notion of thoughts becoming things. They have very much in limitation dictated what is so in life, however thoughts aren’t your Soul.  Even though so popular, it isn’t that thoughts are IT…and in any case who can fool and fail proof thoughts? It is better to align thoughts to the Soul and let your Soul Plan become your thing, don’t you agree?

Air enables you to bring in new ways and assists your manifesting through its relationship with your thoughts, which if left to their own devices will hinder you and limit you, always! MAstering them and they become an ally!

The Earth of Business Manifesting

Earth where we live and where it all happens. So a bit of significant element! It grounds us, it grows things and is the very foundation we stand on! It can also be where we get stuck, literally grounded, stuck in the mud. And when it comes to manifesting it is about the physical action.

As part of the illusion that the whole point of manifesting success is what you can get for free as if you have to pay for it, it isn’t seen as manifesting, action can be seen as a dirty word. (And people wonder why they find it hard to manifest money – when they have it they don’t even acknowledge it! D’oh!)

And it’s the same for planning…still!

It’s as if both action and planning are a sign of masculine weakness in a world of Goddess dream feminine divinity banana banana…and the truth is earth as an element is feminine. Sneaky huh, how the illusion has been so strong that the feminine aspect of earth as an element is only in reference to the planetary being! The planetary being is in constant action  – moving the earth, keeping it on its axis – the action is consistent and there is a plan which nature enacts for and with her. Something to learn from her perhaps?

Without a plan – you cannot be cooperating with what you are manifesting as your emotions and mind – your water and air will be running amok.

When you work effectively with earth as an element you are completing a cycle and starting it again, so working with the elements as is the case when working with energy is all about cycles not linear steps. 

How do you feel your working with the element of Air and Earth?

What I have shared is a small insight into what each element is about and when you allow yourself to go deeper through understanding your Archetypes and their elemental makeup you get a whole new layer of how you be and why and what steps to take to truly manifest the purpose and business you were born for!

New depths more profound outcomes!

Do leave me a comment and don’t forget to share this article and you can check out others in the series by clicking here too. Next week I will be sharing a Manifesting Meditation! You won’t want to miss that!

Sarupa Shah



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