Why business affirmations matter!

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Affirmations are important tools for creating our own reality! What we see in our lives is based on beliefs which are the energy source for what we affirm. What we affirm is therefore more than the words, it is our actions, thoughts, emotions as well as our words.

Of course the spoken affirmation has the potential to be so powerful and transformational and in business they can be a wonderful ally in turning around situations that appear bleak or full of struggle.

photo credit: creativelenna via photopin cc

photo credit: creativelenna via photopin cc

Today I want to explore a word ‘matter’. For heart centered entrepreneurs the, I don’t matter VS it doesn’t matter dance is a big collective challenge. It is as if trying to say something matters goes against spiritual law of flow and let it be if it is meant to be.

If something doesn’t work out then it is a great get out clause to say it doesn’t matter. It didn’t matter, it can’t have mattered….

However does it matter? Is it right to let anything matter?


Well so to is the universe. When you keep saying things, you, life business doesn’t matter, what happened doesn’t matter, the way they treated you doesn’t matter even if you are only saying it to your self, you are saying you don’t matter.

Making peace with something or finding peace in a situation where there is no peace isn’t the same as saying it doesn’t matter.

Just because something matters doesn’t mean it has to become a war, or battle!

When you make the claim that something matters you are acting out of love for you and letting the universe and your soul know you are willing to make a stand for YOU and not be meek in saying OK maybe it doesn’t have to matter.

Look at this way if you want to fill a workshop, then saying it matters is a start to letting your power ground in what you desire to manifest!

When something matters you are making your claim and setting your power to make it so or undo it depending on the circumstances.

If it matters, why not say so to yourself?

Using affirmations you can change your reality. The language of creation and manifestation is simple, what you say you get, it is not subjective, it is objective.

This is why business affirmations matter. This is why learning how to unlock your affirmation code makes a difference.

I know this is a deep article and I do want you to ponder on this…

  1. write down 5 things that matter in your business for you. Claim them, however wild they feel. If they make you feel giddy with excitement all the better.
  2. Create 5 affirmations to match each of the 5 things above.
  3. Start using those affirmations immediately.

If you want to learn more about how to create affirmations, how long you use them for and how you can increase your power so that affirmations become your magic wand to make what matters to you manifest then check out my Unlock your Affirmation Code programme!

It matters to me that you leave me a comment and share this post, will you do that for me?

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