The Beyond Limitations Retreat

You Soul, Wealth & Creativity awaits.

"Finally, the time for initiation has arrived, the opportunity to uncover and activate secrets from your SOUL & SPIRIT to create the LIFESTYLE, BUSINESS & CHOICES that you dream of achieving, experiencing and doing! This is New Era work and if you are willing to commit, the new energy awaits you."

This is your invitation to reach a new depth of your soul's wisdom, & initiate into your money potential. The time is NOW, to create your SOUL's plan to step forward, what will you do?

This series of retreats was born over Easter weekend 2015. In 2016 the focus in on moving into a deeper alignment with the energy of money and abundance.

This is YOUR opportunity to shift your old paradigm perceptions about wealth and money in an effortless and easy and joyful way. Limitations in any form prevent you from your greatest potential in business, health, your financial and love life.

Beyond Limitations Retreats are built on the universal principle of Grow Through Love & Fun!​

The retreats are an intimate, deep, sacred and soulful journey. One that takes you to your REAL YOU and your wisdom, your wealth, your certainty and your ultimate life plan as held by your soul.  

The times we live in are energetically fast moving and the hunger for something deep is strong. The universe is calling those that have a big purpose to step forward, and still so few are willing to. Instead letting their limitations and illusions about life and fear & about lack dictate how they live AND how they show up. Is that you? You can put it off for later or even another life, or you can seize this moment as what you do in this moment will change the rest of your life.​ That is the power of NOW and the power of moving beyond limitations.

Will you answer the call of your soul, of the universe and spirit and step forward to claim your magnificence and create your legacy in the world?

When you don't listen to your soul, all of life, including business is full of illusion, doubt, fear and excuse. Why hide the light and wisdom of your soul?

Now it is time to feed the soul!

New energy is beaming across the planet, the invitation is strong, loud, clear and urgent, will you accept your calling?

Moving Beyond Limitations is about breaking lifetimes of patterns, which for many have become addictions and embedded illusions. The illusion that you cannot have what you want being the greatest of our time followed by the notion that there are always conditions to be met and nothing comes without a sacrifice....the ultimate of beliefs that each of the Beyond Limitation Retreats shatters. ​

It is time to birth your new way - the way as told by your soul and spirit. Time to let go of the past, time to heal from the judgements that have bound you in physical inertia, often manifesting as illness, money drama, and time to step off the emotional roller coaster which keeps you spinning to nowhere except the same place. It is time for your soul's plan to birth and for you to experience abundance and nourish and feed your soul so it leads.

About you...

You are probably finding what used to work isn't working any more. The feeling of something missing is getting stronger, it is a feeling and sense you can't shake off. What you felt, or thought feels outdated yet you aren't sure what to do next.  I want to tell you: It's OK the energy is birthing and you are being given an opportunity to initiate into it and until you do, the energy of confusion will be strong. It is like you are in between two worlds, the old and the new. Disembarking though not yet arrived.

This is a great time in the history of mankind and the arrival into the Golden Age, requires a shedding and claiming, it isn't passive.

Your vibration will not be raised to meet the new if you do nothing except the same. That will be a choice, to say, I wish to stay small, I wish to not move forward, I do not wish to contribute to the New Era because I am scared; I do not feel ready, do not feel worthy and do not think I need to. 

You are ready NOW!​

Whatever combination of reasons you give yourself, the truth is without stepping forward you will simply stay put and even feel like you are moving backwards, because as the energy moves forward you are not moving with it. And only you can step forward, only you can decide.

Will you join to move beyond your money & financial limitations?

Will you surrender to the yearning of your soul who wishes to invite her spirit to play and for your life to soar, for your value, whatever you do to be experienced and for you to understand who you are and in claiming that you step forward as a beacon of light?

You are more than your business. You are more than a mother. You are more than a daughter. You are more than client. More than an employee. You are more than anything you let yourself believe. You are barely scratching the surface of your light, your power, your magnificence and your gifts.

This is a call for Leaders; - Those of you who have had the hunger, yearning and the call because you know it is time...

You have to be willing to let go of who you have been; to become who you have the potential to be…” Sarupa Shah, 2015

If you want to activate your knowing – the certainty - the clarity and your purpose beyond doubt – beyond drama, judgement and emotion and beyond the illusion of fear then please join the next retreat. Let this be your time to shine!

You will know if you want deep spiritual transformation.

Your desire is to tap into your SOUL potential and experience it NOW.

You will be ready to leap towards the magic & miracles that await you.

The *next* Beyond Limitation Retreat - is being held in a very spiritual location in Spain.

There is something very magical about Spain and our location; La Herradura is a very magical place, where earth energy is strong, very present and excited about hosting this work.

April 15th to 18th  - Your Retreat - your TIME for you - your Growth and your Service and the Transformation of your connection to the money consciousness so you can carry the seeds of the New Era Money Economy and weave them into all you do.

  1. Get ready for the New Era – and learn to play as well as integrate new energy which will create new patterns, thoughts and behaviours that support your highest potential in business and life and align you to the New Era Economy vibration.
  2. You will experience a new & deep relationship with your soul so you can hear your intuition beyond measure which will guide you in stepping forward in your life and business. Without this connection being enlivened NOW you will miss a great opportunity.
  3. You will understand how to claim the fullness of your value and begin the process that moves you from WHY to WHAT. Asking why keeps you in the old story, what enables you write a new story! Once the illusions are shattered and only then can you be the true you.
  4. You will author a new story around money, this doesn't mean your current one is even dire, this is about stepping into abundance more fully and learning how to know and apply the process of creation with your soul and spirit. You will learn how to navigate the path of manifestation which is not just about getting what you want, it is about manifesting your magnificence as a spiritual worker & as a messenger of the light.
  5. You will breakthrough to a new level of value so you can move from where you are to the Universe's rhythm of abundance, it will pulse within you as you will pulse within it .
  6. Your hidden mind-sets & patterns will be explored as new stories are written with new habits directly from your soul & spirit.
  7. You will create a new life and business plan – one that fills you with joy and one that is written with your soul and guided by your spirit and loved by YOU. Nothing like a plan you have known or written before. Let’s just say it will be a divine plan format…!
  8. You will activate your heart centered and your pure spirit qualities of courage, clarity and joy will be activated.
  9. You will work with the elements - including spirit to consciously to guide you as you begin to walk your talk in the new phase of your life.

Claiming more of your soul and spirit is one of the most joyous experiences ever. I know for me it was a hunger from when I was young. I never knew as a 4-year old what I was searching for, I didn't have the language, I just had the knowing and certainty that there was something far greater than the me I saw in the mirror and I had to adventure to find that. I did and continue to do so. Our potential is unlimited and the journey to claim it is NOW.

Perhaps: 'Maybe, 'let me think about it' is one of your most popular things to say. What has thinking got to do with your SOUL? Your soul  which is heard through your heart, simply knows and is the amplifier for your intuition. Thinking like emotions are a place of judgement, criticism, inertia, panic, fear, anxiety, doubt...intuition is the only certainty and of course the voice of your soul.

A journey to you, where you are initiated to align with your SOUL, and open the doors to your spirit. Your certainty. Your knowing. Your value. Your contribution and significantly the lifestyle that creates the legacy you desire to leave. You will learn, discover and activate how to be the real you, free of illusion. How to manage your energy and understand it. How to work with your soul as your inner mentor and not listen to the confusion of the mind and emotions.

It isn't about making do, and meandering it is about having it all - having the best life and it is about - know and therefore it is

This is about getting into real soul service!

  • The nature of a retreat is to change your patterns. You will uncover insider knowledge on you, your truth and your journey and purpose as given to you by the Universe. You may know your life purpose and be in alignment in parts, however this is about activating it from a soul level not a personality level.
  • Understanding your Soul Contract with the Universe will be activated. Without this you will go round in circles talking your talk and not walking it. At this retreat you will understand your soul contract plan so you know without a doubt who YOU are and WHY you are incarnated now and how you can stay in alignment. 
  • Your value and money story will be overhauled and upgraded. Business and Career is a series of financial decisions and without activating your value and removing hidden patterns and changing your VALUE story – you will find career & business an up and down journey. Good and then not so – this is 100% linked to your money story which you will upgrade over the retreat as the limitations are always self imposed and the answers are within you.

3 months from the retreat every aspect of your life will be aligned to a higher vibration if you implement what you gain. What you will understand is, this is not about working harder, it is about the balance of service and truly having what you want and the lifestyle you have an ambition for.

"the ambition becomes real."

Stepping forward is the gift you give yourself, if you say YES. A gift that will rejuvenate you, make you feel amazing and spiritually powerful. It is a gift that is your promise to yourself and the world. Shifting your vibration and aligning to the new energy is an active process and requires a commitment.

When you move Beyond Limitations you step forward into the light of your SOUL.

You activate your inner knowing, strengthen your relationships with your spirit team and align to source, so you can have the life that is your potential. Too many spiritual workers give up, short change themselves or get carried away that talking about the light is enough, and feel that separating from the way to make things happen is the way forward. Their impact potential is dimmed or never realised, is this what you want for you? Time to make a choice.

You step into service, & enlightenment when you move Beyond Limitation

This is your Perfect Beginning to the New Era birthing and for 2016 and beyond.

This retreat takes place from Friday April 15th to Monday April 18th

  1. Arrival:

    You arrive by Friday lunch time to Malaga airport and you and up to five others – only 6 in total at any one Beyond Limitations Retreat, are driven to La Herradura.

    You will check in to your hotel – paid for by me. Where possible we arrange for you to stay in luxury suites, with sea views. The retreat is about YOU transforming and this means you feel comfortable, delighted and treated in a manner that respects your commitment to your growth and the planet.

    And we will meet to set the scene and start the intensive process later that afternoon. We will meet in my home and you will be given all the expected warmth and hospitality you would desire and want.

    That evening you will experience a pottery workshop followed by a hearty Spanish dinner on the beach.

  2. Saturday:

    We start early and play all day with energy, creation on the soul planes – a combination of workshop and masterminding, meditation and planning.

    All food will be provided, a home cooked lunch and a dinner in our local favourite beach side Italian restaurant, followed by an optional few drinks or of course you can go and rest.

  3. Sunday:

    An early start again following the same format as Saturday and peeling through more layers of illusion and instead focusing on the true gifts of your service.

    The lunch time meal will be an Argentinian BBQ and dinner will be home cooked. We finish late this evening, so we ensure you get a siesta in the afternoon too.

  4. Monday:

    The retreat will officially close 10am Monday and arrangements to take you back to the airport will be organised so you just have to bring your spending money for treats and anything else you might want.

Your pottery workshop!
La Herradura, Spiritual location

This is you creating the rest of your life.

What you do next as the retreat is only for 6 people…

You can sign up now, pay in full and all you need to ensure is you get to Malaga Airport for midday on Friday 29th January and bring your spending money, journal and weekend bag!  - We will arrange pick ups, meals, hotel accommodation, any excursion costs and home cooked food will be cooked by resident Foodie Michael AKA The Food Curator. Once you pay we will talk ASAP as this is about your adventure to your soul and I am your guide.

The retreat in January is £4997 (+VAT if applicable). (This price will be going up for the next retreat!)

This is about you giving yourself the time and space to achieve what you want & about experiencing your full potential. Time to move away from needs and move into truly having what you want.

If you prefer you can pay a deposit (£997 plus VAT) to secure your place and the balance £3497 +VAT is payable one week before the retreat starts - the price is slightly higher due to higher admin costs - however it enables you to spread the payments!

Empowerment is about Being Powered by YOUR SOUL. YOUR SOUL just have to learn to cooperate with it....

The New Era is about standing out and becoming the beacon and not just waiting and hoping it will happen.

Each Beyond Limitation Retreat has 6 people in it max. 

Intimate setting and energy for maximum transformation. Gentle and powerful, soul filled and practical. Balancing the masculine and feminine, the emotional and mental so you can create with the soul, the life that was always your potential to choose...

What will you experience when you cooperate, with your soul? What will you do? Achieve? Have? Be known for?

Creating a legacy that serves your soul in her next life, and you in this is not something that happens by accident, it happens by design and when you move through limitations.

Being Heart Centered and Conscious is more than a label; are you willing to do something to claim this energy as your own and then share it in all you do?​

Alternatively you can pay a deposit (non returnable) of £997+VAT and the final balance of £3497 + VAT to be paid by June 12th 2015. (This incurs an additional cost to cover admin and associated fees)

Stepping forward is always going to challenge you to move beyond limitations and stories that you have been affirming and feeding to yourself as then and only then can you begin to claim magnificence. The courageous step forward and they change their worlds and be the warriors and beacons for the New Era Economy and energy, the fearful will stay where they are and dream of changing their world. Which one are you?

Everything awaits you when you step forward.


P.S.: Just imagine your life, your business, your service and your contribution and wealth when you are no longer amazing is that going to be!