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If you follow this blog, then you will know I have a real love love love for affirmations. I see them as a magic wand…and while I have shifted from my early days of affirmations and developed a deeper understanding of the energy behind and underneath them – most who talk about affirmations are stuck at the words only level. 

What I mean by words only level is that they teach or share sentences that sound kind of like they are full of hope. Forget sentence and language construction as many fall foul of that too – they are energetically so off, they could almost pong a little…!

This is a challenge in spiritual development and spiritual growth, everyone so wants to feel good that, they have made that the goal. This actually means that they don’t want to be challenged, and the fear of growth is supported by a desire to be in control, safe and be driven by fears in general. Of course if we never rock the boat we feel good as we are safe and then we never move far either…and that is the beginnings of the hopeful affirmation!

And of course as someone read a blog post, did someone else’s challenge, read a book – or attended a training once on a topic – they are now set up as an expert and their sense of I know it all is huge – another very dangerous feature of the personal development world…and without understanding energy they don’t offer real Spiritual growth as spirituality is all about the energy first!

Feeling good is great, don’t get me wrong, however ‘feeling’ is the emotional body – the lowest vibrating part of you, so if that is the aim for good then you are only feeding that emotional beast and putting it in charge, which means it will build a wall to keep your Soul out at that point, talk over it and generally say my way not the Soul’s way!

Given that affirmations are tools for the mind to come on board with Soul alignment, creating what you believe is an affirmation to appease and make the emotional body feel good, you can see why it falls short of being a magic wand…!

The 3 worst affirmations you are probably using…

I wish there was more…. / I wish more /I wish XXX had worked….

The I wish affirmation….this affirmation is all about affirming the exact opposite – the energy of I wish literally translates to – I don’t have, I didn’t, I don’t cause I am not enough! On a superficial level I get that one may semantically say – I wish there was more money – however that simply affirms there isn’t and closes of possibility – so no magic wand statement!

An alternative that would be better to say is that money is flowing to you in unexpected ways or so on and ask yourself what one thing you could do to bring in the cash immediately…fast and easy! An affirmation without aligned action won’t create magic!

The second worst affirmation is anything with the word hope and try!

Two classic words and on the surface they sound so nice and touchy feely…and then you have to look at the energy as in the end that is what is it is all about. The energy of hope is ephemeral, which means short lived as it is emotional body driven. The emotional body doesn’t like to be without for too long and if it is not to be it moves on as it hope is a fleeting maybe!

Then you got the word trying, if you are trying you aren’t actually doing. You can’t try to go for a walk, you either go or you don’t…really! In any case both hope and try affirm you aren’t!

The final one, is the I can’t….whether that is in relation to money, which is most talked about and I have written about it here already, however it can be in relation to anything. I can’t make my business work, sounds familiar? I can’t get anyone to join my programme…how about that one, have you ever affirmed anything using I can’t?

I can’t always closes your energy and affirms what you say you can’t to become more concrete.

Language when it comes to affirmations is HUGELY SIGNIFICANT and it is so much more than dictionary definitions, or popular held meanings of a word as it is about the energy.

If you want to be someone who uses affirmations as a magic wand, then learn about energy and language and move beyond feeling good – so you can truly change beliefs and align to your Soul.

What are you thoughts on affirmations, do you love them? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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Sarupa Shah

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