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Welcome to another episode of the authenticity workout where I hang out with some fabulous women and talk authenticity. Today is no different as I had an opportunity to hang out with Jenny Kovacs!

In this series we have gone deep and wide and quite literally worked out! If you have missed any episodes you will want to check them out here as each hangout has been 100% different and has added something wonderful to the topic of authenticity.

Authenticity is not just a marketing term, it has a spiritual energy that is very distinct and that is what I want to tap into during these authenticity workouts.

Jenny Kovacs, is the Queen of being seen and I wanted to talk authenticity with Jenny.

Jenny Kovacs has been hitting the UK scene in a BIG way showing women how to be seen, not how to be good at social media or marketing but actually how to engage with business tools from a place of authenticity where you are letting the real you be seen.

It’s an area of great personal interest for me as I have in the past found myself hiding in full view…! Intrigued?

Press play and you can either listen in or watch, the show is less than 30 minutes and there is a really juicy exercise for you which I have been working on already!

Do connect with Jenny by clicking here and share your comments, thoughts and questions below!


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