I wish I was a billionaire…

If you won US $1 million (or more), what would you do? What is that dream or dreams that you would live…? How would you change the world? What charitable causes would you support? Would you open that healing centre you have always dreamed of? Or would you have that dream holiday that you have […]

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Why gossip is fattening….

In life it seems we are bombarded with media stories all about celebrities and other people in the media eye. These people are just known for their job, or their family connections (hey that is just how the cookie crumbles in life) and they are going about their life and often their work and it […]

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How to handle those critics

Fame and the spotlight are funny things, many aspire to this albeit it secretly and even if you don’t or aren’t ready to admit it yet, most people are fascinated by what goes on in the lives of celebrity. This fascination is voyeuristic or inspirational and in some occasions can become obsessive for some, but either way it is […]

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